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After you helped the Orcs and Goblins regain their power, one civilization that was hiding in the woods until now deciding it was time for action. The Woodelves have come out of hiding and will show you how you should be dealing with those random dangerous races you have been awakening and empowering so far. These advanced creatures thrive on everything natural, and you will find that they can build the most amazing things in and from nature. But, they are also a bit... hard to deal with. They have quite a strong mindset and may not always see you as... well, they may not even always see you.

But, even though the Woodelves are a bit presumptuous and may not be the most social race in the Elvenar world, they do have some amazing knowledge. They understand nature like no other and they will teach you how you can use nature to your advantage, without harming it. They will teach you the ways of using Mana, which you will be able to keep using even after the Woodelves leave your city to go back to their hiding places in Elvenar's huge forests. Let's not comment on whether that is for their own benefit or yours.

The Power of Mana

With the Woodelves some Culture Buildings will produce Mana, just like Residences produce Coins: automatic production, early collect, production stop after a set time. They will still give Culture and some might also give Population. However, the Mana production requires a street connection, just like other resources

You can store unlimited amounts of Mana in your Main Hall, but it will decay overnight by 10%.

Woodelves Buildings

Woodelves Buildings List Overview
Portalsite gr4.png

Forest Glade

Street gr4.png

Forest Trail

Production 1 gr4.png

Forest Fabrication

Production 2a gr4.png

Marble Grafting Site

Production 2b gr4.png

Steel Grafting Site

Production 2c gr4.png

Planks Grafting Site