Blossoms of Promise

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Blossoms of Promise


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Blossoms of Promise


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In this Chapter you will resurrect and meet another Settlement that once lived in Unur Continent - The Fairies! They will need all your help to re-establish their once grand, prosperous and nature-orientated civilization. These elegant and mystical beings love farming and gardening and they will bring you new production techniques that will combine nature's elements and materials with their intrinsic magic. By helping the Fairies to restore their ancient culture, you will benefit from their close connection to all nature's living elements! You will also get the chance to learn that a strong economy highly depends on interdependent productions.

Fadas elfos.png

But be aware that Fairies and Dwarves do not get along peacefully! For that reason, the Fairy Queen will impose her will that you send Dwarves to live on their own and as soon as the Dwarves get the scent of the Fairies they will also pick up all their productions and leave to build their own settlements closer to the mountains.

Fairies used to live in the Lost Forest along the Lost River: A very hidden place close to the northern shore of Unur. Detached from all other Settlements, intending a life in isolation, Queen Sidhe - Majesty of the Leaf, was the matriarch of the Fairy nation and ruled from the Ivory Tower. As time went by, the lands became more and more polluted, the rivers became poisoned and the soils infected, destroying the Fairies' Natural habitats and causing their extinction. Queen Sidhe assumed it was all caused by the Dwarves at Haugur river, back when King Fafnir's steel mills were producing weapons day and night, pushing their waste into the waters.

Fairiesbg harvest.png

Thus you see, on one hand Dwarves consider Fairies to be very snobbish and cocky and on the other Fairies have a lot of resentment towards Dwarves. This is why you will be asked to rebuild your city more accordingly to their natural sensitivity and their sophisticated lifestyle as opposed to the more technical and ground ripping Dwarves.

But despite their arrogant initial attitude, Fairies will learn to admire your city and as you provide them with better tools and materials for their new settlement they will share their magical knowledge with you as well as their ancient battle units. Fairies love to dress well, so they will bring into your city their own Silk Manufactories so that the produced fabrics are up to their higher standards. You will also discover that Fairies used to have a lot of fun in the old world, so you will be amazed at the recreational buildings they will help you to bring back to your city, converting it into a fun and colorful place to live.

Settlement Resources

These special Chapter resources can only be produced in the Settlement's special buildings. Let's see the list of resources and where you can obtain or produce them:

  • Fairies sunflowers.png Sunflowers - Produced in the Day Farm.
  • Fairies velvet.png Velvet - Produced in the Day Farm.
  • Fairies cocoons.png Cocoons - Produced in the Day Farm.
  • Fairies ambrosia.png Ambrosia - Produced in the Day Farm.
  • Fairies nightshade.png Nightshade - Produced in the Night Farm.
  • Fairies fireflies.png Fireflies - Produced in the Night Farm.
  • Fairies dreamsheep.png Dream Sheep - Produced in the Night Farm.
  • Fairies soma.png Night Essence - Produced in the Night Farm.

Fairies' Buildings

Fairies Buildings List Overview
Fairy portal.png

Fairy Portal Site

Fairy street.png

Flower Lane

Fairy plants farm.png

Day Farm

Fairy dream farm.png

Night Farm