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The Power of Music

The Power of Music


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Shortly after the Sorcerers have taken Peregrim into custody and brought him out of the city to discuss his future fate, the Woodelf queen Ahskahala arrives in the city because her husband has not returned. King Aelrindel is still turned into a tree and Ahskahala's magical powers alone cannot solve the curse. For the proud Woodelves, it is unthinkable to ask the hated Sorcerers for help. Therefore Ahskahala calls Peregrim's sister Luania from the woods - a powerful Woodelf who can combine the healing powers of Mana and music.

Luania manages to solve Aelrindel's curse with the help of an aria that she holds from a small stage that is set up in the city. Aelrindel and Ahskahala then demand that Dean Durcu surrender Peregrim so they can punish him according to the laws of their people - that is the least that the Sorcerers can do for the Woodelves after they brought so much mischief to the forest. Durcu agrees to the proposal and has Peregrim brought back to town. Peregrim, cursed and betrayed, is still foaming with rage, but without his magical powers, he is no longer a threat to the city. Luania tries to defend her brother: He is not the mad scientist and cold-hearted villain that everyone now sees him as: It is the curse that has clouded his mind, and it is precisely this curse that must now be removed from him. Unfortunately, her magical powers are not enough to free her brother from his curse. It has eaten too deeply in his heart to hear the healing sounds of Luania's voice.

Will you be able to help Luania prove that her brother is not the evil person everyone thinks he is, or is he exactly what everybody expects, and should be punished? Find out in this new chapter in the story of Elvenar!

Settlement Resources

As usual, a new chapter introduces new special specific resources. These special resources are used to unlock new Technologies and to upgrade some buildings in the Chapter. Let's see the list of resources and where you can obtain or produce them:

  • Ch20 bars.png Bars - Produced in the Harmony Grove from level 1 (The only capped Resource of the chapter).
  • Ch20 songs.png Songs - Produced in the Harmony Grove from level 2.
  • Ch20 strings.png Plucked Violins - Produced in the Violin Maker.
  • Ch20 flutes.png Horn Flutes - Produced in the Flute Maker.
  • Ch20 drums.png Barrel Drums - Produced in the Drum Maker.

Requirement Resources

In this Chapter there are 3 resources that are only used to boost the Bars production and to upgrade the Harmony Grove.

  • Ch20 melody.png Melody - Obtained when you build the Violin Ensemble.
  • Ch20 accompaniment.png Accompaniment - Obtained when you build the Flute Ensemble.
  • Ch20 rhythm.png Rhythm - Obtained when you build the Drum Ensemble.

Ascended Goods

In this Chapter, you will unlock and be able to produce three new Ascended Goods!

  • AscendedElixir.png Spicy Spread in your Elixir Manufactory.
  • AscendedMagic Dust.png Genious Granule in your Magic Dust Manufactory.
  • AscendedGems.png Marvelous Marbles in your Gems Manufactory.


You need to unlock level 34 of your Elixir, Magic Dust, and Gems Manufactories in order to produce the new group of Ascended Goods. Like the previous Ascended Goods Manufactories, two new 3h and 9h outputs will be added to the production options.

Your boost for the Precious Ascended Goods will be your current boosted Precious Good +2. If your boosted Precious Good is Magic Dust, then your new boosted Ascended Good will be Spicy Spread (Elixir), for Gems, it will be Genious Granule (Magic Dust) and for Elixir, it will be Marvelous Marbles (Gems).


As with your Regular Goods, you will get a boost according to the number of relics you have in store for the respective good.

The number of relics needed to receive a certain Production boost is the same as for the non-ascended goods and can be found in the Relics Overview

To trade Precious Ascended Goods with other players using the Merchants, you need to upgrade your Trader to level 9. To upgrade the Trader, you must unlock the "Inspired Trader" technology. If you need more info about the Merchants, please visit the dedicated page to find out more!

Hint: Ascended Goods will decay overnight at a rate of 10%. They will not vanish but will be reduced 1:1 to the non-ascended Precious Good.

The Power of Music Buildings

The Power of Music Buildings
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Harmony Grove

Violin Maker

Violin Maker

Flute Maker

Flute Maker

Drum Maker

Drum Maker

Ensemble Buildings

Ensemble Buildings