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A Portal to the Past


Blossoms of Promise


Mud and Mushrooms


Natives of the Continent


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The Elvenar




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Team Spirit


Revenge of the Exile


The Power of Music


The Vallorian Legend



Construct banner.png

Soon after the Amuni have left your town, a giant floating island appears above your town and stays there as if waiting for something to happen. At first, people are very scared and imagine how this island could destroy your town if it were to crash to the ground. Then mysterious beings appear, sent from the island. They seem to be friendly and introduce themselves as the Constructs. They call the Elvenar the High Men, who created the Constructs from of all kinds of materials. They see their creators in you and are at least as surprised about you not recognizing them as you are about their sudden appearance.


The Constructs were once developed by the "High Men" to make unfertile land fertile again - a countermeasure to the rise of the Amuni. Unfortunately, this last creation wasn't finished completely when the drought arrived in the cities of the High Men. The Constructs were created to be self-sustaining and ever-evolving, just following the orders of the High Men but ultimately leading independent lives. So when the drought took over and the Elvenar High Men were close to extinction, they sent the Constructs to the skies where they should safely evolve over time until, one day, when their construction would be auto-completed, they would come back down to Unur to start with the task they had been created for.

When the Constructs returned to Unur, there was only desert as far as they could see. Their creators were nowhere to be found - extinct or disappeared? This question remained unanswered. So, the Constructs, sad at heart but determined to fulfill their destiny, started to bring back fertility to Unur, silently hoping that once their work was done, their creators would return. However, no-one ever came. The years passed, Unur regained its fertility step by step, countless new types of flora and fauna surfaced on the land and the Constructs evolved and diversified even further. Still, none of the mighty races that lived on Unur before the big drought reappeared. So, the Constructs started to extend their search further, using their most evolved floating islands to look beyond the borders of Unur, and finally crossed the great ocean to find another continent - the continent you call Elvenar. When they arrived at your continent, they detected the desert that started growing out of your city and also life forms that resembled those of the High Men. Could they finally have found their creators?

Constructs Settlement Resources

When the Central Island has landed in your city you can begin to create the initial resources known as Constructs. These are labor components, which when used together produce further settlement goods.

Constructs are created in the Central Island Produce tab:

Gr9 PortalProduction.png

Constructs comprise (from left to right): Basic, Breeze, Blossom, Mechatron, Shepherd.

Once you have the Production Islands, you can begin to produce Elvenarin, Electric Shocks, Rain Jellyfish, Protein Bars, Air Filters and, untimately, Elvarium and Humanium. These last two, along with Sentient Goods, are required to research technologies.

Sentient Goods

Your new Sentient Goods are Precious Goods. Silly Soap (Elixir), Alloy Shrooms (Magic Dust), Cosmic Bismuth (Gems). Your Boosted Good is your Boosted Precious Good +1. If your boosted Precious Good is Elixir, your boosted Sentient Good is Alloy Shrooms (Magic Dust), for Magic Dust it will be Cosmic Bismuth (Gems) and for Gems it will be Silly Soap (Elixir).

As with your Precious Goods you will get a boost according to the number of Relics you have in store for the respective Good. The Main Hall will show you the changes as you research the new Sentient Goods.

Constructs Buildings

Constructs Buildings List Overview
Portalsite gr9.png

Central Island
(D000-b "Core")

Gr9 production.png

D001-o "Engine"

Gr9 production.png

D002-l "Garden"

Gr9 production.png

D003-r "Assembly"

Gr9 production.png

D004-w "Zoo"