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A Portal to the Past


Blossoms of Promise


Mud and Mushrooms


Natives of the Continent


The Elvarian Sorcerers Society










The Elvenar




Traders of


Team Spirit


Revenge of the Exile


The Power of Music


The Vallorian Legend




In your search for the forgotten past of your ancestors, the Elvenar, you decide to dig deeper... with the new technology "Archaeology". Unexpectedly though, the first thing you will dig up in your city is a strange monument, which seems to dry out the ground and create sand all around its area. The Halflings are immediately alarmed because they have seen something like this before... only shortly before they became extinct. It doesn't take long until the first creatures come out of this monument, introducing themselves as "the Amuni": a very highly developed ancient culture that worship a cat-like god they call Bastet. They are maybe as close to a god-like race as the Elvenar were, and thus they are quite convinced about their culture and their way of handling things. Seeing you instead of the Elvenar just reinforces their belief that their culture prevailed in the end. This kind of arrogance also leads them to ignore the fact that their lifestyle and technologies cause some serious environmental issues. Basically: The Amuni settle on fertile land, consume all the water until the land becomes a desert. No life can prosper on a ground they set a foot on. The Amuni then move on to new, still fertile land, using their knowledge and power to displace and even expel other races from their land. This leads to the extinction of the cultures that depend on fertile plains, like the Halflings, the Fairies and the Dwarves... will this also be your fate? Or can a combined effort of knowledge and trust between all the different cultures of Elvenar convince the Amuni to learn how to live in harmony with nature?

GR8 BackI.png

This guest race reveals a big chunk of the Elvenar background story and answers many questions about the history of this land. At the end of their destructive journey, even the Amuni couldn't find fertile land anymore to settle on, so they decided to take a deep slumber in their giant monument waiting for the land to recover. Of the original Elvenar races, only the Woodelves, protected by their strong magic power, survived the big drought, hidden deep in the forests that were not attractive spots for the Amuni to settle on. Other races like the Sorcerers and the Elementals are not originally from Elvenar and can be regarded as visitors from distant lands or even alternate dimensions. After centuries of recovering, the land was finally fertile enough again for you to settle on... and this is how the player's journey started.

Now, with the past of the land mostly uncovered, the remaining questions - What happened to the Elvenar - and how are the Humans and Elves related to them? Are they truly their direct ancestors?

Sentient Goods

Sentient Goods can be produced in your manufacturies of level 24 and above. Their production will substitute the 1-day and 2-day option, the 3h and 9h option for the original Goods production will remain.

AM SentientProdGood2.png

Your new boosted Sentient Good will be your current boosted Refined Good +1. If your boosted Refined Good is Scrolls, your new boosted Sentient Good will be Velvet (Silk), for Crystal it will be Arcane Ink (Scrolls) and for Silk it will be Obsidian (Crystal). As with your Refined Goods, you will get a boost according to the number of relics you have in store for the respective good. The image in the Main Hall will change, as you research the sentient goods.


The number of relics needed to get a certain Production boost is the same as for the non-sentient goods and can be found in the Relics Overview

Sentient goods can be traded with other players. The Wholesaler also offers non-boosted sentient goods and trades them for your boosted sentient good. To show the sentient goods on the Wholesaler, the Production Boost for the respective Sentient Goods must be researched.

AM WholesaleSent.png

Hint: Sentient Goods will decay overnight at a rate of 10%. They will not vanish, but will be reduced 1:1 to the non-sentient Basic Good.



A new requirement appears with this new race, Prestige Prestige. Prestige works similar to culture and is needed to build or upgrade certain buildings like Amuni Manufactories.

You will get Prestige from the Temple of the Dunes. Portal Monuments are used to boost the Temple's Prestige.

Amuni Buildings

Amuni Buildings List Overview
Portalsite gr8.png

Temple of the Dunes

Gr8 Monument.png

Portal Monuments

Gr8 production 1.png


Gr8 production 2.png

Trap Maker