Mud and Mushrooms

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Mud and Mushrooms


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Mud and Mushrooms


After the Chapter VII - Blossoms of Promise with the help of Fairies, you will be able to continue on your journey discovering the Settelments that once inhabited the old world. Against the advice of Queen Sidhe - Majesty of the Leaf, you will try to bring back a not so nice and peaceful race: The Orcs!

Orcs set.png

But it is known that Orcs are ... well... Orcs! So they will be coming along with Goblins in order to work in some strange collaboration and make the best (or worst) for your city! These two races will form a contrasting coalition. Orcs are big, strong, dull and aggressive with only three things on their mind: fighting, power and food! On the other hand, Goblins are malicious and mischievous and their full purpose is cultivating mysterious mushrooms they can do genius experiments with, to later use on ... the Orcs!

These two very distinct groups will work together "as much as they need but as little as possible", each side trying to get a bigger advantage from that collaboration than the other. This will lead to some weird situations and maybe some destructive ones, but very humorous nonetheless.

Orcs city.png

As expected, as soon as the Fairies pick up the scent of smelly, rotten elements, they become suspicious of what is to come and decide to leave your city! But not before giving you a warning: "if you take your decision of reviving the Orcs any further, they will not help you and you will have to deal with the nasty consequences yourself"

On the other hand, the lovely smell of flowers, the peaceful environment with birds, trees and bees will disgust the Orcs, so they will be arriving wanting to crush and smash everything that is beautiful, including eating the Fairies! Please don't let that happen! Have your best warriors ready to escort the Orcs into your city, to ensure the safety of your citizens and help the Fairies to take their settlement into a distant place where their farms are safe from these beasts, so that they keep evolving in the new lands of Elvenar.

One thing you must know about the Orcs: they can barely speak ... they mostly grunt, but they are incredibly strong, so you can use their brute force into your advantage to grow your city even further. You just need to find a way to .... let's say ... manipulate them! Attracted by the concepts of fighting and destruction, the Orcs will find your armories the appropriate place to live and breed, but don't worry, Goblins will provide you the knowledge and resources to control those muscled creatures: magic and powerful mushrooms are the key!


Orcs also get bored very easily and have a devouring appetite and lust for meat, so you have to keep them busy and distracted so that they don't eat your people! Maybe providing some activities for them in the Rally Point and rewarding them with some mushrooms will be enough?! Goblins, as you will see, are a bit picky about the materials they use in their experiments so they will completely destroy your Magic Dust manufactories and built their own - the dust there is more powerful, they say!

Be prepared! Orcs are filthy, dumb and brute creatures! They used to live in swamps and dumps after all! But despite all the mess, the stinky smells and a bit of destruction, once the Goblins teach you the magic ways to control them, they will also help you to grow your city, providing you muscular power to upgrade your buildings and expand your city even further! With them you will even discover some other creatures that once inhabited the Old Elvenar, providing you with even more cultural knowledge!

Settlement Resources

These special Chapter resources can only be produced in the Settlement's special buildings. Let's see the list of resources and where you can obtain or produce them:

  • Orcs hardshroom.png Hardshroom - Produced in the Mushroom Farm.
  • Orcs psychoshroom.png Psychoshroom - Produced in the Mushroom Farm.
  • Orcs powershroom.png Powershroom - Produced in the Mushroom Farm.
  • Orcs shroomofwisdom.png Shroom of Wisdom - Produced in the Mushroom Farm.
  • Orcs armament.png Armament - Produced in Orcs Rally Point.
  • Orcs dung.png Orc Dung - Produced in Orcs Rally Point.
  • Orcs debris.png Debris - Produced in Orcs Rally Point.
  • Orcs loot.png Loot - Produced in Orcs Rally Point.

Orcs & Goblins' Buildings

Orcs & Goblins Buildings List Overview
Portalsite orcs.png

Orcs Portal Site

Street orcs.png

Swamp Trail

Production 1 orcs.png

Mushroom Farm

Production 2 orcs.png

Orcs Rally Point