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Do you have unwanted Buildings, Instants and Enchantments in your Inventory? Using Crafting in your Magic Academy, you can use Recipes to "craft" these items into new, usable ones. Every 8 hours there will be 5 new Recipes which will offer you a wide range of new Buildings, Instants, Enchantments, even Knowledge Points and Relics.

There are 3 additional resources in this feature: Combining Catalyst Enchantment, Spell Fragments and Vision Vapor. More on these below.

Combining Catalyst

The Enchantment Combining Catalyst is required to be able to craft most items. The number required depends on the value of the item being crafted. As with all Enchantments, these are produced in the Magic Academy.

MA CC produce.png

Crafting Tab

The main Crafting function is carried out in the Magic Academy, Crafing tab.

MA Crafting explain.png

1 - The Recipe being crafted, including: Item(s) in production, time left, finish Production instantly with Premium and Time Booster button.

2 - Spell Fragments accumulated and "+" button to begin Disenchantment function.

3 - Number of Combining Catalyst Enchantments at your disposal.

4 - Recipes available, including: Time left until a new set is created and Premium required to trigger a new set.

5 - Mystical Object - Win an extra reward. (See Mystical Object below.)

MA Crafting Recipe.png

6 - Each Recipe shows you the item you want to craft, the Production Time and the number that will be created.

7 - The number of Spell Fragments and Combining Catalysts needed.

8 - The amount of Vision Vapor bonus given when you craft this item.

9 - Hover your pointer over the Recipe to see the item tooltip.

Spell Fragments

Spell Fragments Spell Fragment.png are used along with Combining Catalyst Enchantments to craft new items. They are created when you Disenchant a Building, Instant or Enchantment in your Inventory. Your total can be found in the Magic Academy, Crafting tab.

Spell Fragments store.png


You can "disenchant" any Building, Instant or Enchantment stored in your Inventory. Either open your Inventory or click the Spell Fragments "+" button in the Crafting tab of your Magic Academy.

Click the Disenchant button to activate the function.


Each item to disenchant shows you how many Spell Fragments the process gives you. Clicking an item will convert just one item at a time. Summonings Buildings and Purple and Gold Banner Instants will ask for confirmation:

Disenchant confirm.png

The Spell Fragments generated are added to your total box viewable in the Magic Academy, Crafting tab.

The "Back" button takes you back to the normal Inventory tab. The "Crafting" button takes you to the Magic Academy, Crafting tab where you can utilise the Spell Fragments with your desired Recipe.

Vision Vapor

Vision Vapor Vision Vapor.png is a special resource given when you craft new items. Each Recipe shows how many Vision Vapor you will receive. These are added to the Mystical Object chest.

Mystical Object

When you craft new items you will receive Vision Vapor which collects in the Mystical Object chest. Your total accumulated is shown underneath. When you have 100 Vision Vapor you can win one of 3 rewards. There are several possible rewards which will change after each collection. Here is a sample:

Mystical Object.png

Spell Fragment Bonus

Each level upgrade of your Magic Academy will increase the Spell Fragments given for every Disenchantment.

Spell Fragment bonus.png

Sample Recipes

In Crafting, you will discover a plethora of different recipes. Below you can find some examples of what there is to craft.

Sample Recipes
Requirements Costs Rewards
Crafting Time Spell Fragments Combining Catalyst Vision Vapor
3h 450 - 1 Broken Shards 3 1 Ancient Knowledge   (3KP)
4h 30m 1100 - 3 Broken Shards 7 1 Ancient Knowledge (10KP)
5h 1300 - 5 Broken Shards 10 1 Ancient Knowledge (15KP)
4h - 3 1 Blueprints 8 10 Royal Restoration
5h - 5 2 Blueprints 16 20 Royal Restoration
6h - 7 3 Blueprints 25 30 Royal Restoration
4h 720 2 - 6 6 Knowledge Points
3h 540 - - 2 2 Broken Shards
3.5h 900 6 - 14 1 Portal Profit (10%)
4.5h 409 2 - 5 1 Time Reduction (60m)
Hint:There are many more recipes, these run through one after the other in the crafting.

Building Set

Chess Set

The crafting feature also adds a new Building Set. Like previous Sets, these are reward buildings which buff each other when they are placed directly next to each other (in a set). This can mean that their regular production goes up, but it can also mean that totally new productions are added!

The Magical Chess Set is a special set because each building in the set is unique. This means that you can only have each building of the set once in your inventory or in your city. When you reach a new chapter you will only be able to craft these buildings again if you remove them from your inventory or city.

Magical Chess Set
Requirements Costs Rewards
Crafting Time Spell Fragments Combining Catalyst Vision Vapor
4h 2250 15 35 Golden King
3h 1200 8 19 Solar Rook
3h 900 6 14 Flame Knight
3h 900 6 14 Tome Bishop

Please note that, as with previous sets, each set is separate and cannot be mixed with others. For more information on all building sets, please visit the dedicated page.