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Team Spirit


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The dispute between the Elvenar and the player is escalating. The Elvenar insist on focusing on the ascension and not increase other races' dependency on the player. They urge the Humans and Elves to stay out of other races' affairs because in the end it will hold back everyone. The Humans and Elves however don't want to accept this and try to be a helping hand for everyone who kindly asks. The Constructs observed the tension for quite some time and, as their "common child", feel the obligation to interfere. They ask the Humans and Elves to seek help from the Elementals - the only known race that is even older, and hopefully wiser, than the Elvenar. With their millennia of experience and friendship, the Elementals should be able to settle the dispute between ancestors and descendants.

Using Unurium, the Constructs teach you how to build a portal to the dimension of the Elementals. The Elementals are a bit surprised at how you managed to enter their dimension, but they are also glad to be of help. Their advice is to set up a big area of hubs in the city, where Humans, Elves and Elvenar can come together for different activities and trials. It will be like one huge Team Event, where people get to know each other better, have fun together and learn to collaborate and solve their differences.

With the help of the newly invented Ascended Goods, you will build a mix of Theme Park and Recreation Area, where Elementals guide Humans, Elves and Elvenar through a variety of Activities where they earn Medals. By pooling enough Medals, groups of people can qualify for special Trials, which will reward them with the most precious Team Work badge. By earning more and more of these badges, the Humans, Elves and Elvenar slowly overcome their differences. They will not merge into one big race as they did in the distant past, but they become a great team that vows to solve future challenges together.

Ascended Goods

Ascended Goods can be produced in your Manufacturies of level 32 and above. Two new 3h and 9h outputs will be added to the production options.


Your new boosted Ascended Good will be your current boosted Regular Good +2. If your boosted Basic Good is Marble, then your new boosted Ascended Good will be Scholarly Sprouts (Planks), for Steel it will be Primordial Minerals (Marble) and for Planks it will be Ignited Ingots (Steel). As with your Regular Goods you will get a boost according to the number of relics you have in store for the respective good. The image in the Main Hall will change, as you research the Ascended Goods.


The number of relics needed to get a certain Production boost is the same as for the non-ascended goods and can be found in the Relics Overview

Ascended Goods can be traded with other players. In order to trade Ascended Goods with other players you need to research the Superior Trader in Chapter 18, unlike the other goods these can only be traded via the Merchant, please visit the dedicated page to find out more!

Hint: Ascended Goods will decay overnight at a rate of 10%. They will not vanish, but will be reduced 1:1 to the non-ascended Basic Good.

Team Spirit Buildings

Team Spirit Buildings List Overview
Portalsite GR13.png

Gate of Dimensions

Street GR13.png

Team Park Street

Welcome Square

Welcome Square

Element Hubs

Element Hubs