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Spire of Eternity.png

A pearly white and mysterious building appears near your City: the Spire of Eternity! Its highest tower touches the sky and disappears in the clouds. Your fellow citizens are intrigued, some are worried. They ask you to explore this new building, seek its wonders and combat possible enemies.

Once you have reached Chapter 3, you will be able to enter the Spire between Sunday and Friday. You can explore the Spire on browser or in Elvenar's mobile app.

If you are brave, extraordinary rewards are waiting for you at the end of each level. Make sure to complete your Spire adventure before its gates close again on Friday to win all rewards!

Spire Map

The Spire comprises 3 levels between the ground and the sky. Each level is divided into 4 sections delimited by Magic Barriers. To complete these sections you will have to solve Encounters with the ghosts of the Spire: Peasants, Guards and Bosses.


Spire Encounters

Spire Encounter 1.png

There are 3 levels to explore. Each level has 4 stages and each stage has 4 Encounters. Your first Encounter is with the ghost of a peasant. As with every Encounter in Elvenar, You can either choose an aggressive approach (Battle) or a more diplomatic one (Diplomacy). Diplomacy is unique to the Spire of Eternity and, much like Negotiation, requires resources to convince your opponents to make way for you.

Spire Encounter 2.png

After solving 4 Encounters, you'll gain access to a Magic Barrier. Each Magic Barrier has a countdown timer. To open it you'll have to wait until the countdown finishes. Fortunately, if you are eager to continue sooner, you can reduce the countdown using Boosters and/or Diamonds!


Please note: The Magic Barrier's countdown will start when you collect the reward of the last Encounter of the stage.


In Diplomacy, you will have to make offerings to spirits in order to obtain their mercy. If you are successful in your offerings, the spirits are calmed and make way so that you can continue your ascent of the Spire. Unfortunately, if you fail, the spirits will be angry and you will have to try again or fight to complete the Encounter.


For every attempt at Diplomacy, you have three free turns. Should you need more turns to find the right combination, you can buy turns with Diamonds.

The game will present you with different types of resources. However, this does not mean that you have to use them all. Different spirits may want the same resource and it is also very well possible that a particular resource is not wanted by any of the spirits. Once you settled on the propositions that you would like to make, you can press "Offer" to have the resources deducted and to see how the spirits react to your offerings. If you find the right combination of spirit and resource, the combination is locked. If you failed to offer the right type of goods, the spirits will help you by indicating whether the specific good is needed by another spirit or if none of the spirits require the specific type of goods.

Please note: The resources offered to the spirits will be deducted from your account, even if a wrong combination was chosen.


After the first attempt:

1 - You have 2 free turns left to find the right combination;

2 - Once the correct resource was offered, this is indicated with a green circle and it is no longer possible to offer this spirit another resource;

3 - Offer highlighted in red: No spirit needs that resource. It is now impossible to select this resource again;

4 - Offer highlighted in orange: Another spirit needs the resource, but not this spirit!

Knowing this information, you can change your propositions for the second and subsequent turns.


You can abandon the Diplomatic approach at any time, but beware: any resources already offered will be lost and the Diplomacy game will be reset!

Please note: If you want to leave the Diplomacy, you will have to confirm your choice.

Diplomacy abandon.png


You can see the enemy units and their order before you engage in a fight. Battles in the Spire can be composed of multiple "waves". Every wave must be won before the whole Encounter is solved. You must plan your Units carefully as you will not be able to change them between each wave. Fortunately, you can see the composition of each wave before you start to fight. This helps to choose the best strategy and you can use Diamonds to resuscitate Units between each wave.

Spire Battle.png

Playing on Browser, you will be able to choose between using automatic or manual fighting.

Please note: Be careful! If your suffer defeat during one of the waves, the Encounter is reset and enemy units are restored. If you win the first wave you will have two choices: you can fight the second wave or you can retreat from the Encounter. In the second case, the Encounter will be reset and adversary units will be restored.

In the unlikely case of a loss of connection to the servers, your progression is kept and you can proceed with the Encounter or retreat.


The Spire brings a new set building, new expiring buildings and many more rewards. Any reward can be obtained multiple times. Make sure to complete the Spire in order to win all of these incredibles rewards!

Reward Chests

Each Encounter solved opens a chest with a chance to win one of a number of rewards. The value of rewards increases as the Adventurer progresses through the maps of each level.

Mystery Chests

Spire mystery chest popup.png

Every solved Encounter has a chance of revealing a Mystery Chest. These come in different rarities: Rare, Epic or Legendary, each with different awesome rewards. The Chests will appear at a random location within the current Spire level.

Spire mystery chest unlocked.png

Once a Mystery Chest appears, a special indicator is displayed. A number is added to this indicator once more than one Mystery Chest was unlocked, to show how many Mystery Chests can still be collected in this level of the Spire.

Spire mystery chest button.png

The indicator can be clicked to move to the Chest. If the Chest is located in a section that is protected by a Gate that you have not yet opened, it will remain locked until you opened the gate.

Spire mystery chest locked.png

Please note: After defeating the boss of each Spire level, you will need to collect all Mystery Chests before you can proceed to the next level.

Spire mystery chest warn.png

Set Building

Spire Set A.png

The Moonstone Library Set gives you Population or Culture. Connecting buildings of the Set will increase their powers!

You will need strategy to connect all buildings together and if you succeed the Spire Set will offer you: Mana, Supplies, Sentient Goods, Combination catalysts.

See more about the Spire Set on our dedicated page.

Expiring Buildings

A Evt Djinn.png

Three new expiring buildings are now available for your City: Genie, Trading Station and Dwarven Armorer. You can learn more about these new buildings on our dedicated page.