Gate of Dimensions

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Team Spirit Buildings List Overview
Portalsite GR13.png

Gate of Dimensions

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Team Park Street

Welcome Square

Welcome Square

Element Hubs

Element Hubs

Gate of Dimensions


With the help of the Constructs, you will be able to build a portal to the Elementals dimension. The Elementals are a little surprised at first, but agree to help you. They advise you to establish a big area of hubs in the city, where Humans, Elves and Elvenar can come together for different activities and trials.

Gr13 Portal.png


The Gate of Dimensions is not only the storage for Settlement Resources, but it is also the source of a very important Chapter Resource: Badges of Team Spirit. It uses a queue production line, whose only production is the Badge of Team Spirit, but each production option has different medal costs!

Gr13 Gate prod.png

Gr13 Gate.png

You can build the Gate of Dimensions after researching and unlocking the Gate of Dimensions technology at the very beginning of the Chapter. The building needs a street connection to the Main Hall in order to produce and to provide all its bonuses. It can be sold, rebuilt and upgraded. It requires 2 research technologies (Gate of Dimensions and Gate of Dimensions 2) to reach its maximum level!

Hint: Even if you sell your Gate of Dimensions, you will keep the race's resources in your city! Nevertheless you might want to keep it until you have completed all the quests of the Team Spirit Chapter.

Gate of Dimensions Production

The only production from the Gate of Dimensions is the Badge of Team Spirit Badge of Team Spirit! To be able to produce this badge you must build the remaining buildings of the settlement.


Upgrading the Gate of Dimensions to a new level will increase:

  • Humans, Elves and Elvenar Capacity
  • Settlement Production Boost
  • Reduces Portal Production Time
Gr13 PortalUpgrade.png

Gate of Dimensions Overview

Gate of Dimensions
Level Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Boosted Basic Sentient Goods Boosted Crafted Sentient Goods Boosted Magical Sentient Goods Basic Ascended Goods +1 Humans Elves Elvenar Humans, Elves and Elvenar
Guest Race Resources Production Boost Production Time
Badge of Team Spirit
1 5x6 48:00h 68000 64000 49000 - - - - 5500 100% 1h
2 6x6 48:00h - 132 K 100 K 68000 5100 - - 7000 120% 40m
3 6x7 48:00h 178 K - 128 K 86000 - 6400 - 8500 140% 30m
4 7x7 48:00h 220 K 200 K - 104 K - - 7800 10000 160% 24m

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
B Ch18 Portal 1.png
B Ch18 Portal 2.png
B Ch18 Portal 3.png
B Ch18 Portal 4.png
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