Revenge of the Exile

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Revenge of the Exile


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The Halflings report that there have been gruesome events in the surrounding regions. Settlements were attacked by monsters. No one has ever seen creatures like this before. It is as if there is an evil spell over the forests that turns animals and plants alike into sinister creatures, which then attack villages and drive the inhabitants away. It's worse than the orc horde! 

And behind this situation? Peregrim, a Woodelf Sorcerer who wants to defeat all Sorcerers especially Dean Durku.

To help the Halflings you need the help of Sorcerers, so you decide to start building the Fortress of Revenge. 

To help you win this war, Dean Durku from the Sorcerers & Dragons Chapter, will break his own rules and use old and powerful magic to create White and Black Magic. 

Using the knowledge of Dean Durku, you will find how to use a new resource on your city: the Refined Ascended Goods! This resource will have an important role in this war!

To fight Peregrim you need troupes and using Ascended Goods you can build Breeding Facilities where you will produce Creatures of the Light and Creatures of the Night using the Black and White Magic. These troupes can be transformed in the Fortress of Revenge into Ultimate Creatures.

With your magical troupes, you will start the war against Peregrim. But you will quickly understand that you can win this war because you need another resource, the most powerful one, to defeat your enemy. How can you produce the Ultimate Matter? Maybe you need to let Sorcerers leave your city for that ...

Settlement Resources

This chapter introduces many resources, as usual, but it also has some of them whose obtainment is "hidden", so to speak. Let's see the list of resources and where you can obtain or produce them:

  • WhiteMagic.png White Magic - Self-Produced in the Tower of Light.
  • BlackMagic.png Black Magic - Self-Produced in the Tower of Darkness.
  • WhiteMatter.png White Matter - Obtained only when you sell your Tower of Light.
  • BlackMatter.png Black Matter - Obtained only when you sell your Tower of Darkness.
  • CreaturesofLight.png Creatures of the Light - Produced in the Breeding Facility.
  • CreaturesofNight.png Creatures of the Night - Produced in the Breeding Facility.
  • UltimateCreatures.png Ultimate Creatures - Produced in the Fortress of Revenge level 2 and 3.
  • UltimateMatter.png Ultimate Matter - Obtained only when you sell your Fortress of Revenge level 4.

Note: You will need the Ultimate Matter to research the last Technology of the Chapter.

Ascended Goods

In this Chapter, you will unlock and be able to produce three new Ascended Goods!

  • Ascendedcrystal.png Ethereal Aerosols in your Crystal Manufactory.
  • Ascendedscrolls.png Wonder Wax in your Scrolls Manufactory.
  • Ascendedsilk.png Finest Flying Powder in your Silk Manufactory.


You need to unlock level 33 of your Crystal, Scrolls, and Silk Manufactories in order to produce the new group of Ascended Goods. Like the previous Ascended Goods Manufactories, two new 3h and 9h outputs will be added to the production options.

Your boost for the Refined Ascended Goods will be your current boosted Refined Good +2. If your boosted Refined Good is Crystal, then your new boosted Ascended Good will be Finest Flying Powder (Silk), for Scrolls it will be Ethereal Aerosols (Crystal) and for Silk, it will be Wonder Wax (Scrolls).


As with your Regular Goods, you will get a boost according to the number of relics you have in store for the respective good.

The number of relics needed to get a certain Production boost is the same as for the non-ascended goods and can be found in the Relics Overview

To trade Refined Ascended Goods with other players using the Merchants, you need to upgrade your Trader to level 8. To upgrade the Trader, you need to unlock the "Prepared Trader" technology. If you need more info about the Merchants, please visit the dedicated page to find out more!

Hint: Ascended Goods will decay overnight at a rate of 10%. They will not vanish, but will be reduced 1:1 to the non-ascended Refined Good.

Buildings of the Revenge of the Exile

Buildings of the Revenge of the Exile
Portalsite GR14.png

Fortress of Revenge

GR Streets.png

Magical Warpath

Towers of Light and Darkness

Tower of Light
Tower of Darkness

Breeding Facility