Fortress of Revenge

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Buildings of the Revenge of the Exile
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Fortress of Revenge

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Magical Warpath

Towers of Light and Darkness

Tower of Light
Tower of Darkness

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Fortress of Revenge


A dark, magical castle with a mad sorcerer's lab inside whose architecture is a fusion of typical stone and giant roots that grow up to the roof tops.



At level 1, the Fortress will be only the place where you can store the Chapter dedicated resources. There is only two capped resources: Black Magic BlackMagic.png and White Magic WhiteMagic.png

FoR 1.png

Upgrading it to level 2 will give you the opportunity to use Unurium, Creatures of the Night or Light and Black or White Magic to produce Ultimate Creatures. The only ones who can fight with your enemy. The production of the Ultimate Creatures works as Barracks with a queued production.

Be aware! At level 4, the portal can't produce anything! You should complete all quests requiring productions of the portal before upgrading it to level 4.

FoR 2.png

Do you want to upgrade the Fortress of Revenge? You will need at least some of Black Matter BlackMatter.png which you can obtain only by selling Tower of Darkness. Click here to have more informations.

You can build the Fortress of Revenge after researching and unlocking the Fortress of Revenge technology. The building needs a street connection to the Main Hall in order to produce and to provide all its bonuses. It can be sold, rebuilt and upgraded. It requires 3 research technologies (Fortress of Revenge, Fortress of Revenge Upgrades and Ultimate Fortress of Revenge) to reach its maximum level!

Selling your Fortress of Revenge level 4 will grant you UltimateMatter.png Ultimate Matter, an important resource to research the last Chapter Technology!

Hint: Even if you sell your Fortress of Revenge, you will keep the race´s resources in your city! Nevertheless you might want to keep it until you have completed all the quests of the Revenge of the Exile.

Fortress of Revenge Productions

The Fortress of Revenge can produce only one resource: Ultimate Creatures UltimatesCreatures.png. You need to have your Fortress of Revenge at level 2 or 3 to be able to produce it.

In both cases you will need Unurium Unurium.png. And you can choose to use Black Magic BlackMagic.png and Creatures of the Light CreaturesofLight.png OR White Magic WhiteMagic.png and Creatures of the Night CreaturesofNight.png.


You need to research the three Fortress of Revenge Technologies to fully upgrade the building:

  • Fortress of Revenge for level 1 (no production option)
  • Fortress of Revenge Upgrades for level 2 and 3 allowing you to produce Ultimate Creatures UltimatesCreatures.png
  • Ultimate Fortress of Revenge for level 4 (no production option)

Upgrading the Fortresss of Revenge to a new level will:

  • Unlock the Ultimate Creature Production
  • Unlock more slots to produce Ultimate Creatures
  • Increase the storage capacity of White and Black Magic
  • Settlement Production Boost
Reminder: The Fortress of Revenge level 1 and 4 do not have the production option!

Fortress of Revenge Overview

Fortress of Revenge
Level Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Coins Supplies Basic Ascended Goods +1 Basic Ascended Goods +2 Black Matter Ultimate Creatures BlackMagic.png
Guest Race Resources Production Boost Production Time
Production Slots
1 9x6 24:00h 69.000K 3.300K 120K - - - 2.100K
100% - 0
2 9x6 36:00h 95.000K 4.500K - 160K 24 - 2.500K
120% 3h 3
3 9x6 48:00h 121 M 5.800K 210K - 24 - 2.800K
140% 3h 5
4 9x6 60:00h 146 M 7.000K - 250K 24 6.900 2.800K
140% - 0

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
B Ch19 Portal 1.png
B Ch19 Portal 2.png
B Ch19 Portal 3.png
B Ch19 Portal 4.png
Click on each building level to see a bigger image.