Orcs Rally Point

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Orcs & Goblins Buildings List Overview
Portalsite orcs.png

Orcs Portal Site

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Swamp Trail

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Mushroom Farm

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Orcs Rally Point

Orcs Rally Point

The Orcs Rally Point is where you will send the Orcs to have fun. Sending them to the Spare Time Activities will produce Armament Orcs armament.png, If they join a Wild Party you will have a lot of Orc Dung Orcs dung.png to clean up, the Obstacle Course will make the building full of Debris Orcs debris.png and after a Raid they will bring a huge Loot Orcs loot.png.



The Orcs Rally Point is there to distract the Orcs! Without it, they will just destroy your city as they will feel bored! But the result of their activities will allow you to grow your city even more, considering it will be needed to upgrade the Orcs Portal Site, build and upgrade the Mushroom Farm, unlock some new technologies in the Research Tree and produce other Orcs' Goods.


The Orcs Rally Point requires input resources, depending on the activity: For the Spare Time activities you will need to pay Coins and Supplies, Wild Party and Obstacle Course will need the special magic mushrooms from the Mushroom Farm, as they serve to feed the Orcs and for the Raid you will need not only the mushrooms but also the Armament (produced in the Rally Point itself). But remember: you can only get the resources from the Rally Point if you send the Orcs there, meaning they are also a required item for this building to work. Orcs can be produced in the Armory(breeding grounds) from level 20 and further.

Collecting Productions


You can boost your Orcs Rally Point production by upgrading the Orcs Portal Site in order to allow you to produce more in the same amount of time.You will know that there is a bonus given from a boost if you see a green arrow on the Goods icon.

WWhile the production is running, you can see its progress and the remaining production time. If you want, you can cancel the production and you will get the input resources back.


After your production is finished you will need to collect it in order to add it to your Portal storage. You will see an icon on the top of each Orcs Rally Point matching the chosen production. As said before only the Loot will have a limited Storage capacity for the Orcs Rally Point, meaning you will see a greyed icon for this Good when you reach its maximum capacity.

If this happens, you can either spend some of this resource in order to have more available space for it, upgrade the Orcs Portal Site to increase its storage capacity or just discard that production so that you can immediately start a different one.



To get a Orcs Rally Point you need to unlock its technology in the Research Tree and build it via the Buildings menu, as long as you have the required resources. It needs a Swamp Trail connection to the Orcs Portal Site, it can be sold, rebuilt and upgraded.


Upgrading an Orcs Rally Point to the next level will reduce:

  1. The amount time needed for the Orcs to finish their activities.

Orcs Rally Point Overview

Orcs Rally Point Information
Level Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Coins Hardshroom Debris 100 Armament 45 Orc Dung 30 Debris 120 Loot
1 5x7 12h 03m 810.000 3.400 - 2h30m 5h 10h 20h
2 5x7 12h 48m 910.000 7.600 73 2h 4h 8h 16h
3 5x7 13h 30m 1.000.000 11.800 146 1h30m 3h 6h 12h
4 5x7 14h 20m 1.130.000 16.000 220 1h 2h 4h 8h

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
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