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Portalsite gr9.png

Central Island
(D000-b "Core")

Gr9 production.png

D001-o "Engine"

Gr9 production.png

D002-l "Garden"

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D003-r "Assembly"

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D004-w "Zoo"

Central Island

The Constructs' Central Island (D000-b "Core") has landed in your city! Now you will meet the strange race of beings: Constructs.


The Central Island is your "Portal" and Settlement Resources store.

It is also where you will create 5 Constructs: Basic, Breeze, Blossom, Mechatron and Shepherd. Your Central Island must be connected to your Main Hall by a regular street.


Clicking on Central Island opens the window which gives you 3 tabs to view:

  1. Portal - Displays your Settlement Resources, Capped Capacities and Portal Boost.
  2. Produce - Here you create your 5 Constructs (as you would train troops).
  3. Upgrade - all you need to know about its upgrade.
Gr9 PortalWindow.png
Gr9 PortalProduction.png


You can only build the Central Island (D000-b "Core") after researching its technology and as long as you have the proper resources to unlock it in the Research Tree. It needs a street connection to the Main Hall, it can be sold, rebuilt and upgraded.

Hint: Even if you sell your Central Island, you will keep the race's resources in your city! Nevertheless you might want to keep the Central Island until you have completed all the Constructs quests.


The Central Island must be built to produce resources on the islands. First of all you can produce C001-f "Basic" requiring Mana.png Mana. Other Constructs, C724-d "Breeze", C331-m "Blossom", C408-b "Mechatron" and C259-h "Shepherd", require C001-f "Basic" and will be needed for Production Islands.

Gr9 PortalOverview.png


Upgrading the Central Island to a new level will increase:

  1. Humanium Capacity
  2. Elvarium Capacity
  3. Resources Production Boost
  4. Amount of produced Constructs
Gr9 PortalUpgrade.png

Central Island Overview

Central Island Information
Level Require- ments Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Tier 3 Sentient Goods Divine Seeds Humanium Elvarium Humanium
Resources Production Boost
Portal Production/1h
1 7x8 21:28 h 15,7K 13,1K - - 270 270 100% 140
2 7x8 26:00 h 19K 15,8K 240 240 690 690 120% 210
3 7x8 30:00 h 22K 18,6K 620 620 1260 1260 140% 280
4 7x8 35:00 h 26K 21K 1130 1130 2200 2200 160% 350

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
GR9 Portal 1.png
GR9 Portal 2.png
GR9 Portal 3.png
GR9 Portal 4.png
Click on each building level to see a bigger image.