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Fairies Buildings List Overview
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Fairy Portal Site

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Flower Lane

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Day Farm

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Night Farm

Day Farm

The Day Farm is the first building that the Fairies will bring into your city and it will produce Sunflowers Fairies sunflowers.png, Velvet Fairies velvet.png, Cocoons Fairies cocoons.png and Ambrosia Fairies ambrosia.png.

Day FarmB.png


The Day Farm is a very important building as its productions will be required for everything you need to evolve your city and continue your progress in Elvenar. From upgrading the Fairy Portal Site to building and upgrading the Night Farm, unlocking some new technologies in the Research Tree or produce other Fairies' Goods, they will all need you to keep growing your farming abilities.

DayFarm over.png

Except for the Sunflowers, producing Goods from the Day Farm requires input resources: to produce Velvet you will need Silk, to produce Cocoons you will need Coins and to produce the precious Ambrosia you will need Fireflies (produced in the Night Farm). This is why you will see a premium option to produce Ambrosia when you first open the production window on the Day Farm. However, as soon as you build the Night Farm and have enough of Fireflies to produce this Good, you will see its button green as the others. You can now see that your economy starts to really depend on your ability to make the most out of your buildings and productions!

Collecting Productions

Portal boost TLF.png

You can boost your Day Farm production by upgrading the Fairy Portal Site in order to allow you to produce more in the same amount of time.You will know that there is a bonus given from a boost if you see a green arrow on the Goods icon.

While the production is running, you can see its progress and the remaining production time. If you want, you can cancel the production and you will get the input resources back.


After your production is finished you will need to collect it in order to add it to your Portal storage. You will see an icon on the top of each Day Farm matching the chosen production. As said before only Ambrosia will have a limited Storage capacity for the Day Farm, meaning you will see a greyed icon for this Good when you reach its maximum capacity.

If this happens, you can either spend some of this resource in order to have more available space for it, upgrade the Fairy Portal Site to increase its storage capacity or just discard that production so that you can immediately start a different one.



To get a Day Farm you need to unlock its technology in the Research Tree and build it via the Buildings menu, as long as you have the required resources. It needs a Flower Lane connection to the Fairy Portal Site, it can be sold, rebuilt and upgraded.


Upgrading a Day Farm to the next level will increase:

  1. The amount of produced Goods per time. So, the production will be more efficient!
Upgrade DF.png

Day Farm Overview

Day Farm Information
Level Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Coins Supplies Sunflowers Sunflowers/1h Velvet/3h Cocoons/5h Ambrosia/10h
1 5x4 4h 10m 240.000 11.300 - 100 60 40 10
2 5x4 4h 25m 270.000 12.700 1.150 150 90 60 15
3 5x4 4h 46m 300.000 14.200 3.300 200 120 80 20
4 5x4 5h 04m 340.000 16.000 5.500 250 150 100 25

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
F Farm1 L1 Plants cropped.png
F Farm1 L2 Plants Cropped.png
F Farm1 L3 Plants Cropped.png
F Farm1 L4 Plants Cropped.png
Press on each building level to see a bigger image.