Vallorian Dragon Tower

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The Vallorian Legend Buildings
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Vallorian Dragon Tower

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Prey Trail

Vallorian Workshop

Vallorian Workshop

Workshop of Diabhal's Horde

Workshop of Diabhal's Horde

Vallorian Dragon Tower


A take-off and landing point for the dragons of the Vallorian Horde. Inside, the deliveries to the island are prepared, where they are offered as an oblation to the impatiently waiting god of the island.

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The Vallorian Dragon Tower is the storage for chapter resources. It is also where you can produce different kinds of Oblations:

  • Ch21 oblations1.png Rude Oblations
  • Ch21 oblations2.png Messy Oblations
  • Ch21 oblations3.png Dangerous Oblations
  • Ch21 oblations4.png Noble Oblations

Oblations will be necessary to research a major part of the Technologies in this Chapter.

VDT 1.png


To be able to build the Vallorian Dragon Tower you must unlock its technology in the Research Tree and spend the resources for its construction, it needs to be connected to the Main Hall with any regular street. It can be upgraded, sold and rebuilt.

In this Chapter you will have to take into account the amount of Prosperity you have available, so make sure you have the amount you need to build it. You can learn more about Prosperity on the page dedicated to the article.

Vallorian Dragon Tower Productions

The production of the Vallorian Dragon Tower is only available from level 2. The first Technology of the Vallorian Dragon Tower allows you to upgrade it to level 2, so you can upgrade it and start producing Oblations almost immediately, as long as you have the necessary requirements and pay the building costs.

VDT Upgrade.png

Once you have the Vallorian Dragon Tower at level 2, you can start production as soon as you have gathered the necessary resources for its production. For this you will have to use the Vallorian Workshops and Workshops of Diabhal's Horde

VDT Produce2.png

However, it is only when you unlock the Vallorian Dragon Tower Upgrades Technology that you will have access to all available Vallorian Dragon Tower productions.

VDT Produce3.png


You need to research two Vallorian Dragon Tower Technologies to fully upgrade the building.

1. Vallorian Dragon Tower Technology for:

  • Level 1
    (no production option)
  • Level 2
    Ch21 oblations1.png Rude Oblations
    Ch21 oblations2.png Messy Oblations
    Ch21 oblations3.png Dangerous Oblations

2. Vallorian Dragon Tower Upgrades Technology for:

  • Levels 3 and 4
    Ch21 oblations4.png Noble Oblations

Upgrading the Vallorian Dragon Tower to a new level will:

  1. Unlock Production Options.
  2. Unlock more slots to produce Oblations.
  3. Increase the amount of produced Resources per time. So the production will be more efficient!
  4. Increase the storage of Prey Ch21 prey.png capacity.
  5. Increase the amount of Prosperity used by the building, so the production of all settlement resources will be more efficient.

Vallorian Dragon Tower Overview

Vallorian Dragon Tower Information
Level Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Prosperity Orcs Community Work Orcish Art Prey
Regular Production Slots Available
Rude Oblations
Messy Oblations
Dangerous Oblations
Noble Oblations
1 7x3 24h 600 152k - - 40.000 - - - - -
2 7x5 32h 27 - 340 14 70.000 6 6 6 - 3
3 7x7 40h 26 - 480 19 100k 8 8 8 18 4
4 7x9 48h 27 - 610 25 140k 10 10 10 22 5
Remember: In this Chapter, the boost for Settlement Productions is made through a Prosperity Factor, visit the page dedicated to the article to find out more.

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
B Ch21 Portal 1.png
B Ch21 Portal 2.png
B Ch21 Portal 3.png
B Ch21 Portal 4.png
Click on each building level to see a bigger image.