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From Chapter XXI - The Vallorian Legend onwards, your city will have a Prosperity requirement factor in order to build and upgrade some of the Chapter Buildings.

  • Prosperity.png Prosperity.

Prosperity is provided by your Main Hall, Barracks, Residences and Workshops from Chapter XXI onwards.

Its Technology can be unlocked in the first research of Chapter XXI - The Vallorian Legend. From this moment on you will have a new requirements display bar at the HUD/Top Bar of your game window.

Requirements display large.png

This new icon will show the available amounts of the displayed resources.

Requirements Window.png

Similar to Culture, each Chapter building will require an amount of Prosperity so that it can be built or upgraded. If you don't have that amount available you will have to build more Residences and/or Workshops to increase the available amount.

Hovering your mouse over the Prosperity icon will show you:

  1. Total Amount
  2. Required Amount
  3. Available Amount
Prosperity Tooltip.png

As Prosperity is a requirement for constructing some buildings, you will receive the same amount of Prosperity invested in that building back, should you sell it.

VDT Sell.png

Prosperity Boost Factor

Up to, and including Chapter XX - The Power of Music, the settlement resource production bonus was provided through the Portal. As it was upgraded, so the bonus also went up. However, from the Chapter XXI - The Vallorian Legend onwards, this bonus will be made through a Prosperity Factor Boost which, once unlocked, will boost all the Settlement's productions.

Prosperity Boost large.png

Prosperity Boost works by the quantity of required Prosperity in your City. The required Prosperity will impact your Settlement's production bonus in the form of a Prosperity Factor. This factor is a ratio between your currently required Prosperity and a Base Settlement Prosperity amount (Which may vary from settlement to settlement). This means that as you build and/or upgrade more Settlement buildings, the more Prosperity you will require, and therefore the greater the bonus in the your Settlement's Production.

If you hover your mouse over the Settlement Resource Production icon GR6bst.png you will see how Prosperity is boosting your productions.

Prosperity B Tooltip.png

You can see that in this case the bonus is 11% of the base production.

You can also hover your mouse over the Resource being produced to find out how much the bonus is adding to your production.

Prosperity Resource boost.png

Remember:The more settlement buildings you can place and/or upgrade, the higher the bonus will be.
Please Note:The Prosperity bonus does not exclude other existing bonuses.