Portal of the Elements

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Elementals Buildings List Overview
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Portal of the Elements

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Gr7 production 1.png

of Air

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of Fire

Gr7 production 3.png

of Earth

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of Water

Portal of the Elements

Through the Portal of the Elements the Elementals came to visit the Elvenar to renew their masks. They found you instead and will now try to teach you some of the ancient knowledge so you can help them.


Through the Portal of the Elements, the Elementals will keep the connection to the settlement in your city. The Portal will need a street connection to your Main Hall at all times, just like all the buildings you have so far. On the other hand, to connect the Portal to the Elementals production buildings - Manifestation of Air, Manifestation of Fire, Manifestation of Earth and Manifestation of Water - you will need special streets: the Canals - North-South Canal and East-West Canal.


The Portal of the Elements will act as the storage for all that Elemental Manifestations produce as well as being the source for their production bonus. As you will notice, Elementals Buildings will produce a lot of different Goods! Most of them can be stored unlimitedly in the Portal, except for Elvenar Essence.

Clicking on the building opens your inventory for the race's productions: it will show you the storage capacity for those Goods, the amount you have of all the Elementals Goods as well as the current bonus percentage for all buildings' productions. When the storage is full of Elvenar Essence, it will show a red bar on the Good information. To enlarge its storage capacity you will need to upgrade the Portal of the Elements to the next level or spend some Goods!

If you hover your mouse over the Portal of the Elements you will be able to see a tooltip with the current storage capacity and how filled with Goods your building is.



You can only build the Portal of the Elements after researching its technology and as long as you have the proper resources to unlock it in the Research Tree. It needs a street connection to the Main Hall, it can be sold, rebuilt and upgraded.

Hint: Even if you sell your Portal of the Elements, you will keep the race's resources in your city! Nevertheless you might want to keep the Portal of the Elements until you finished all Elemental quests.


Upgrading the Portal of the Elements to a new level will increase:

  1. The amount of Elvenar Essence you can store;
  2. The production boost for all the Elemental Goods;

Elemental Port Upgrade.png

Portal of the Elements Overview

Portal of the Elements Information
Level Require- ments Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Coins Supplies Sentient Goods Minerals Artifacts Elvenar Essence Capacity Resources Production Boost Resources
1 8x5 33h 5.500.000 380.000 Moonstone 10.000
Platinum 10.000
Elven Tree Gum 10.000
- - 1000 -
2 8x6 35h 6.200.000 430.000 - 30.000 Air Artifacts
1700 20%
3 8x7 36h 6.300.000 440.000 - 59.000 Fire Artifacts 1000 2500 40%
4 8x8 38h 7.100.000 500.000 - 109.000 Earth Artifacts
Water Artifacts
3400 60%

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
B GR7 Portal 1.png
B GR7 Portal 2.png
B GR7 Portal 3.png
B GR7 Portal 4.png
Click on each building level to see a bigger image.