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Sorcerers & Dragons Buildings List Overview
Portalsite gr5.png


Street gr5.png

Wisdom Square

Gr5 production 3.png

Arcane Faculty

Gr5 production 2.png

Alchemy Faculty

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Necromancy Faculty


The Campus is like a Portal for the Sorcerers. The students gather around and discuss the most important topics of magic and wisdom. Since it's close to the faculties, they can get to their classes quickly, so their teachers won't get mad at them!


The Campus is the central piece of the Sorcerer's Universities. It acts as a Portal and a Portal street at the same time. It needs to be connected to a regular street with the Wisdom Square. The 3 faculties - Arcane Faculty, Alchemy Faculty and Necromancy Faculty - connect to the Campus directly.

The Campus is also like a storage, or more like a dorm for your students. The students can help you with researching technologies on your tech tree. If you hover your mouse over the Campus, you will see how many students are attending your University.


You can only build the Campus after researching its technology and as long as you have the proper resources to unlock it in the Research Tree. It needs a special connection. You need to place the Wisdom Square next to the Campus that connects it to the regular streets and the Main Hall. The Campus can be upgraded, sold and rebuilt.

Hint: Even if you sell your Campus, you will keep the students in your city! Nevertheless you might want to keep the Campus until you finished all Sorcerers & Dragons quests.


Upgrading the Campus to a new level will increase:

  1. The amount of Graduates you can accomodate;
  2. The training bonus of all Sorcerers students and goods

Campus Overview

Level Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Coins Supplies Goods Arcane Alchemist Capacity Alchemy Necromancer Capacity Arcane Necromancer Capacity Resources Production BoostResources Production Boost
1 7x7 23h 33m 1470000 103000 8100Crystal
100 100 100 0%
2 8x8 25h 1660000 116000 3700Crystal Flasks
2500Arcane Scrolls
3100Soul Catchers
250 250 250 20%
3 9x9 26h 1740000 122000 4600Crystal Flasks
3400Arcane Scrolls
4000Soul Catchers
450 450 450 40%
4 10x10 28h 1960000 137000 5800Crystal Flasks
4600Arcane Scrolls
5200Soul Catchers
750 750 750 60%

Campus Building levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
SC PortalSite 7x7 0009.png SC PortalSite 8x8 0008.png SC PortalSite 9x9 0017.png SC PortalSite 10x10 0023.png
Press on each building level to see a bigger image.