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Winter Magic

Wintermagic2019 add.png

Greetings! I am a Goblin; everyone calls me Boblin. It is approaching the Winter season and it is a fitting time to introduce the story of Elvenezer Scratch and the three ghosts of Winter. Elvenezer is an old but rich Yeti who has spent his life producing (he would say) Elvenar's finest Elvenade. From a young age, and with his partner and only friend, Yecob Marlow, he has made his fortune selling Elvenade throughout the land. However, Elvenezer is a cold-hearted and distictly unlikeable Yeti. Profit and wealth are his only ambitions. Does he care?

My story begins...After the tragic loss of his partner Yecob in a factory accident, he became the sole owner of the factory. He was now very rich! He continued to produce and sell his famous Elvenade but his cold-hearted nature grew stronger. Those who knew him avoided him at all costs.

Decades later, strange events were to unfold. Late one night, an apparition appeared before Elvenzer: the ghost of his friend, Yecob Marlow. Yecob rebuked Elvenezer for the way he had spent his life and warned of the visits of three ghosts...

Follow my story throughout the Event and, hey, win many great prizes along the way.

Event Menu

In this event you will play a quest line that is divided into two consecutive sections, a story part and a bonus round that will let you finish endless quests. Each completed quest will give you Red Ribbons Red ribbon.png as rewards. Red Ribbons are automatically added to your Event Menu. These allow you to open different Gift Boxes to win unique and precious rewards, including the Daily Prizes! All Gift Boxes also contain a Candy Hammer Candy hammer.png, which you will need to build your Gingerbread House and win Grand Prizes.

Wintermagic2019 event.png

By clicking the Event Menu icon you will access the Event Window which will give you plenty of information and allow you use your Red Ribbons and Candy Hammers:

Wintermagic2019 explain.png
  1. The time remaining until the event ends.
  2. The current Grand Prize you are working towards and a preview of the next ones to come.
  3. Gift Boxes where you can reveal prizes. Each day there will be a new set of them.
  4. Your Gingerbread House to build to unlock Grand Prizes.
  5. Shows how many parts of the Gingerbread House have been constructed.
  6. The number of Candy Hammers Candy hammer.png you own. Click the button beneath the House to use one Hammer.
  7. The number of Red Ribbons Red ribbon.png you have. You can obtain more with premium by clicking the "+" button.
  8. Your Daily Exclusive Prize. Hover over the building for its description.

You can also click the Helpbtto.png button to see the help information on Winter Magic.

Red Ribbons

Redribbon banner.png

You start the Winter Magic Event with 50 Red Ribbons Red ribbon.png and every Event Quest gives you more when completed. Use these Red Ribbons to open Gift Boxes. From time to time, you will find more Red Ribbons dotted around your city for you to collect.

Redribbon citycollect.png

Use the Red Ribbons to open one of the 16 Gift Boxes and gain many attractive and useful rewards.

Don't forget to also check your Mystical Object in the Magic Academy's Crafting tab. There will be a chance to gain even more Red Ribbons by completing Mystical Objects.

Wintermagic2019 MO.png

Gift Boxes

Wintermagic2019 giftbanner.png

At the start of each day, you will be presented with a new selection of Gifts. To give you an idea of what you can win, the rewards are visible at first but you must "Shuffle" them before you can claim any. The rewards will then be mixed up and placed in Gift Boxes.

Wintermagic2019 shuffle.png

Use you Red Ribbons Red ribbon.png to open a Gift Box. Each one will give you a Candy Hammer Candy hammer.png plus one of many different rewards like the Daily Prize, Instants, Knowledge Points, Rune Shards, special Buildings or more Red Ribbons.

There are 3 Special Rewards within the Gift Boxes.

Wintermagic2019 special1.png

  • Reshuffle - Renews your Gift Boxes and shows you what rewards are there to win and requires a "shuffle".

Wintermagic2019 special2.png

  • 2x - Doubles up the rewards in the next Gift Box opened.

Wintermagic2019 reveal.pngWintermagic2019 reveal2.png

  • Magnifier - shows the contents of two, as yet unopened, Gift Boxes.

Candy Hammers

Wintermagic2019 candyhammers.png

Each time you open a Gift Box, you will be rewarded with a Candy Hammer Candy hammer.png. If you have revealed the "2x" special reward previously, you will even receive two Candy Hammers.

With the Candy Hammers you are able to construct your Gingerbread House. To use your Candy Hammers, click the button:

Wintermagic2019 usehammer.png

This will use 1 Candy Hammer and give you up to 3 Gingerbread Bricks for your House:

Gingerbread bricks.png

Once 20 Gingerbread Bricks are in place, you have a completed the House and you will receive the current Grand Prize.

Gingerbread house.png

Collect your Grand Prize and your Gingerbread House will clear so you can begin to use your Candy Hammers to construct it over again.


After receiving any buildings, Daily Exclusives and Grand Prizes, you will find them in your InventoryInventory icon normal.png

Please note: All building values and effects depend on the chapter you are in at the time you add the buildings to your Inventory.


Evolving Buildings

Wintermagic2019 evo banner.png

A tasty Gingerbread Mansion is the Evolving Building in this event! It can be evolved through 10 stages to increase its power.

Evolving Gingerbread Mansion

The Evolving Gingerbread Mansion provides different resources for your city, including Population, Culture and Crystal. As the Gingerbread Mansion evolves, it will start producing additional resources, such as Scrolls, Silk and Ancient Knowledge if you have advanced far enough in your Research.

For more information on Evolving Buildings, go to our dedicated page on the topic.

Grand Prizes & Expiring Buildings

Each day, you will have a chance to win a Daily Exclusive Prize but, the real goal of this event is to win the fantastic Grand Prizes. Here we have the Gingerbread Artifact which evolves your Gingerbread Mansion:

Wintermagic2019 artifact.png

See Evolving Buildings for more information on the evolution process.

But that's not all, as there are more awesome Prizes, including several Expiring Buildings that give you special rewards.

Wishing Well

The Wishing Well gives you a random reward every 12 hours, the Carting Library produces Knowledge Points, the Elvenade Supply Carriage gives an exciting Portal Profit, which refills your capped Guest Race Goods once you have reached Chapter 6, the Ice Lindworm produces Ancient Knowledge, and the Ferris Wheel Galore lets you produce Boosters, Knowledge Points or Broken Shards as you wish.

Wintermagic2019 reward panel.png