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Traders of Unur Buildings List Overview
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Trading Center

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Trading Center


After the Traders of Unur have arrived, a Trading Center is set up in your city. They are honorable traders and, for a fair price, they offer to trade Elvenarin Zero with you.

The Trading Center is where you can trade your own resources for Elvenarin Zero. It is the only capped resource of this chapter, and not only you will need this resource to complete the Research Tree, but also to produce the other 3 Settlement Resources!

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The Trading Center is not only the storage for Settlement Resources, but it is also the source of a very important Chapter Resource: Elvenarin Zero. It uses a queued production, and each level of the building unlocks new trading option.

GR12 Trading center.png

You can build the Trading Center after researching and unlocking the Trading Center research in the Research Tree. The building needs a street connection to the Main Hall in order for it to produce and to provide all its bonuses. It can be sold, rebuilt and upgraded. It requires 3 research technologies (Trading Center 2, Trading Center 3 and Trading Center 4) to reach its maximum level.

Hint: Even if you sell your Trading Center, you will keep the Chapter resources in your city! Nevertheless, you might want to keep it until you have completed all the quests of the Traders of Unur Chapter.

Trading Center Production

As soon as you research and build the Trading Center, Elvenarin Zero Ch17 elvenarinzero.png can be produced by trading in Mana.

Gr12 trading center prod.png

More trading options are unlocked with every new level of Trading Center, allowing you to exchange Seeds or Sentient Goods in trade for Elvenarin Zero Ch17 elvenarinzero.png as soon as the building upgrade to the respective level is finished.

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Upgrading the Trading Center to a new level will not only unlock new production options, but it will also bring the following improvements:

  • Increase in Elvenarin Zero capacity;
  • Increase in Settlement Production Boost;
  • Increase production of Elvenarin Zero;
  • Updated production cost for Elvenarin Zero.

Furthermore it will unlock 1 additional production slot per level until all 5 slots are available.

Gr12 PortalUpgrade.png

Trading Center Overview

Trading Center Information
Level Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Coins Supplies Unurium Additional Resources Elvenarin Zero
Guest Race Resources Production Boost Elvenarin Zero
Adds Trading
Unlocked Slots
1 8x8 24 h 12700K 600K 26000 16500 Orcs 120K 100% 2000 Mana 3
2 8x8 24h 15300K 730K 31000 20000Orcs
2100Luxurious Luxuries
180K 120% 3000 Seeds 4
3 8x8 24h 18000K 850K 37000 23000Orcs
8400Delicious Delicacies
240K 140% 4000 Silly Soap
Alloy Shrooms
Cosmic Bismuth
4 8x8 24h 21000K 980K 42000 27000Orcs
3200Antique Artifacts
300K 160% 5000 - 5

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
GR12 Portal 1.png
GR12 Portal 2.png
GR12 Portal 3.png
GR12 Portal 4.png
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