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Spells are forged in the Magic Academy and gather the power of your non boosted Relics, to provide some powerful enchantments for your buildings. By casting Spells you will not only take your production to a higher magical level but also give your city an enchanted environment.


To be able to cast Spells, you first need to create them! And to be able to start creating Spells you first need to research and build the Magic Academy. You will find this building at the end of Chapter I in the research tree.


Hint: Spells require the use of non-boosting Relics, so to be able to create them you will also need to gain the correspondent Relics.

Type of Spells

Icon Name Description
Spell supply production boost 1.png Power of Provision This type of Spell allows you to use the ancient power of your Relics to boost Workshops. All of your precious Supplies will then be produced with magical efficiency. You can use more than one spell per workshop and by doing so you will multiply its effect duration.

It is available for you at the end of Chapter I, as soon as you build the Magic Academy, and it can be casted on Workshops.

Spell neighborly help boost 1.png Ensorcelled Endowment A spell for every dear Elvarian! It allows you to enchant your cultural buildings so that, when they receive Neighborly Help, your total culture bonus will increase directly 5%. You can use more than one spell per cultural building and by doing so you will multiply its effect duration.

It is available at the end of Chapter I, as soon as you build the Magic Academy, and it can be casted on Cultural Buildings.

Spell good production boost 1.png Magical Manufacturing This type of Spell extracts the magical power of your Relics to directly boost the production of a manufactory. By enchanting manufactories you can increase the existing Relic Boosts or enable non boosted manufactories to produce on a magical level. You can use more than one spell per manufactory and by doing so you will multiply its effect duration. This spell does not work guest race manufactories

It is available at the end of Chapter III, as soon as you unlock the Magical Inspirations technology, and it can be casted on Manufactories.

Spell knowledge boost 1.png Inspiring Meditation This spell increases the limit of Knowledge Points that can be gained during your absence. So you won't lose Knowledge Points even if you are away for more than 10 hours. You can only use one Spell at a time.

It is available at the end of Chapter III, as soon as you unlock the Magical Inspirations technology, and it is automatically cast on the Knowledge Point Bar.

Spells Creation Process

To start creating spells, open your Magic Academy and click the "create" button on the Spell you want to produce. You are then shown the Spell creation progress which tells you how long the spell will take to be produced.

You can only create Spells if you have an available slot, otherwise you will have to wait until the first Spell is completed.You can always finish the Spell creation process instantly by paying Premium.


As soon as your Spell is ready, you can collect it from the Magic Academy by clicking on the icon Collect spells.png that shows over the building. The Spell is then added to your inventory so that you can cast it.


Hint:If by any chance you want to cancel a certain Spell creation progress you can click on the X icon and it will give you back the Relics you invested in the first place.

Spells Library

The Spells Library is where you can choose which Spell you want to create. By placing your mouse over each one, you will be be able to see its effect, its duration and its availability (how many of that same type you have in your inventory).


You can also get more information about each Spell by clicking on the corresponding Info-icon.png icon.


Spells Inventory

The Inventory is the place where you can keep your produced Spells until you decide to use them.You can access it via the bottom menu by clicking on the correspondent icon Inventory icon normal.png

Whenever you collect the produced Spells from the Magic Academy, you will see a red marker indicator on the Inventory icon. By clicking it you will also see which new Spells were added to the inventory as they are marked with a "new" banner.

Inventory expl.png

Number Description
1 Amount of Spells of that type you have available and ready to be casted.
2 Information icon that allows you to see a detail information on the Spell.
3 Banner that shows you have recently added a new Spell of that type to your Inventory.
4 Button that will delete all Spells of that type.
5 Button that allows you to cast 1 Spell at a time.

Hint:If you delete your Spells, you will not get any refunds and will loose all the invested Relics.

Casting Spells

By clicking the "Cast Spell" Button in the Inventory, you will instantly see the changes in your cursor Cursor spell.png, as well as the icon for the Spell showing above all the buildings it can be casted on. You will also see a tooltip saying: "click here to enchant this building".


When you enchant the building you will then see the magic powders shimmering around it, making your city look even more magical and beautiful!

Spells Effects

There are several places where you can see the effect of Spells and the remaining time of their enchantment.

1. By hovering the enchanted building.


2. Inside the building, on each production tooltip


3. Clicking the building while producing, on the current production tooltip.


The Spells effects take into consideration the total of your current production with bonuses! This means that your manufactories will produce +50% of your (regular production + relics boost). Same will happen with the workshops! The Spell will take into consideration your current culture boost to apply the +200% bonus.

As an example: A level 7 Elven workshop produces 223 supplies per hour with no culture bonus (100%). By increasing the culture bonus to 125% it will produce 279 supplies. If you enchant that workshop it will produce 837 supplies (+200% over the 279).


Hint: You must remember that the Spell will only produce the effect for a certain amount of time! Meaning that if you cast a Spell and then its duration is over by the time you collect your resources, these will no longer have any bonus from the Spell. Furthermore, if any of the other bonus change (increase/decrease) while the spell is active, the spell effect will reflect it.


By looking at the example above you will see that after using the Ensorcelled Endowment the total culture bonus increased directly 5%. So instead of the initial 125% of culture bonus, the city now has 130%. This will reflect on your coins and supplies production, so instead of the 279 supplies the level 7 workshop produced, it will now produce 290 supplies.

On the other hand, as soon as the Ensorcelled Endowment ends its duration, and as long as you keep your 125% culture bonus, the workshop will return to the 279. If you enchant the workshop it will produce 870 supplies instead of the 837 but the same principle is applied regarding spells duration and effects.