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Embassies Buildings List Overview
Senate PortalGR11.png


Gr11 DE.png

Dwarven Embassy

Gr11 FE.png

Fairy Embassy

Gr11 BF.png

Beer Festival

Gr11 TH.png

Tea House

Gr11 MC.png

Meditation Circle



After bringing back life to the World, but with it also old conflicts, your newfound mission is to heal the cultural conflicts and political wounds between the races and bring peace between the nations.

The Senate is where Dwarves and Fairies hand over propositions to each other. Once convinced of the other party's base arguments, each will write down and deliver their own Amendments! Statutes will be produced by the Senate using these Amendments together with some Inspiration that will help you in this new goal!

Gr11 Portal.png


The Senate is the storage for Settlement Resources but is also the source of very important Chapter resources. Just like you have seen with Constructs, it uses a queued production and each level of the building unlocks new production options.

Gr11 senateprod.png
Gr11 Senate.png

You can build the Senate after researching and unlocking the Senate research in the Research tree. The building needs a street connection to the Main Hall in order for it to produce and to provide all its bonuses. It can be sold, rebuilt and upgraded. It requires 3 research technologies (Improved Senate, Advanced Senate and Final Senate) to reach its maximum level!

Hint: Even if you sell your Senate, you will keep the race's resources in your city! Nevertheless you might want to keep it until you have completed all the quests of the Embassies Chapter.

Senate Productions

As soon as you build the Senate, Draft Laws Gr11 draftlaws.png can be produced using Coins and Supplies. These will be needed for productions in both Fairy and Dwarven Embassies.

Once the Improved Senate technology is unlocked and the Senate is upgraded to level 2, you can produce Dwarven Amendments Gr11 dwarvenamendmentss.png, using Dwarven Propositions and Strawberry Beer, or Fairy Amendments Gr11 fairyamendments.png, using Fairy Propositions and Purple Tea. You will need them to progress along the Chapter!

The Advanced Senate technology and level 3 is needed for you to start producing the only capped resource of this chapter: Statutes Gr11 Statutes.png. You will need this resource to complete the Research Tree.

Gr11 PortalPrBoost.png


Upgrading the Senate to a new level will not only unlock new production options, but it will also increase:

  • Statutes Capacity
  • Settlement Production Boost
  • Portal Production Boost

Furthermore it will unlock 1 additional production slot per level until all are available.

Gr11 PortalUpgrade.png

Senate Overview

Senate Information
Level Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Coins Supplies Statutes
Guest Race Resources Production Boost Portal Production Boost Unlocked Slots
1 8x8 15:00 h 9000k 900k 2000 100% 100% 3
2 8x8 30:00 h 14000 k 1400 k 3000 120% 180% 4
3 8x8 42:00 h 22000 k 2200 k 5000 140% 280% 5
4 8x8 45:00 h 24000 k 2400 k 7500 160% 400% 5

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
GR11 Portal 1.png
GR11 Portal 2.png
GR11 Portal 3.png
GR11 Portal 4.png
Click on each building level to see a bigger image.