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Haloween-2020 event.png

On a dark, moonless night, mists flood your city and the woods surrounding it. Residents are anxious and stay inside their homes. While taking a stroll through the streets and making sure everything is okay, you see what seems to be the flicker of a candlelight coming from the woods. Who would possibly be out there at this time of the night? Getting closer, you hear a woman's voice, and she sounds worried. She is obviously looking for something and doesn't seem to notice you. When she finally does, she jumps and lets out a scream.

"AAAAAAHHH! You scared me there. I thought you were some sort of ghost or something. Like an evil one, not the nice type, you know?" she says while collecting her breath. "Did you see Bruno on your way here? He is yay big, bright green, and a cat spirit - you can't miss him, he is always floating about. You see, I was brewing this potion when Bruno knocked over one of the ingredients, and POOF, it all exploded. Help me find my things and rebuild my house and I shall reward you!"

Quests & Quest Milestones

The quest line consists of a story section and additional episodic quests, which start as soon as the story is completed. This means that you will be able to finish the first series of quests right away, while later quests have new additions released on a daily basis, allowing you to continue to play one additional event quest on each new event day.

Solving event quests also comes with additional benefits, as each completed quest brings you closer to reaching one of the Milestones which give you additional rewards simply for reaching them.

Misty Forest quest progress.png

Event Menu

Each completed quest will give you Magic Ingredients Magic ingredients.png as reward. They are automatically added to the Event Menu. With the Magic Ingredients you can obtain various Magical Lights with which you can light up your path in the Misty Forest. With these Magical Lights, you will uncover rewards and Friendly Spirits Friendly spirits.png in the mist. The latter help you unlock Grand Prizes including Witch's Hut Artifacts.


By clicking the Event Menu icon you will access the Event Window which will give you plenty of information and allow you to put the Magic Ingredients you gathered to use:

MistyForest mainwindow.png
  1. Indicates the remaining time for the Event.
  2. Shows you the amount of Magic Ingredients Magic ingredients.png you have collected and not yet spent.
  3. Allows you to buy Magic Ingredients using Diamonds.
  4. Magical Lights (Candles, Lanterns and Flash Flasks), which are used to remove fog from the forest. Hover over them or use the information button ("i") to see how to use them.
  5. Opens the Magical Lights Shop which allows you to buy more Magical Lights using Magic Ingredients.
  6. The Misty Forest which you try to traverse to unlock rewards. Tiles covered in fog can be cleared using Magical Lights and will sometimes uncover Lost Items, more Magical Lights or Friendly Spirits.
  7. Shows you the Daily Exclusive reward you can get if you discover a Lost Item in the fog. This also shows you for how long it will still be available before it is gone.
  8. The amount of Friendly Spirits Friendly spirits.png you have already discovered in the Misty Forest.
  9. Grand Prizes to be won by collecting 20 Friendly Spirits for each.

You can also click the Helpbtto.png button to see the help information on the Misty Forest.

Magic Ingredients


You start the Misty Forest event with 100 Magic Ingredients Magic ingredients.png and each Event Quest will give you more as a reward for completing the given tasks. Every day you play during the Event, you will receive a Daily Misty Forest login reward of more Magic Ingredients.

MistyForest daily login.png

From time to time, you will find more Magic Ingredients around your city outskirts for you to collect.

Misty collect.png

You can then use the Magic Ingredients to buy more Magical Lights. Additional Magic Ingredients are unlocked upon reaching the third Quest Milestone.

Remember that the Misty Forest event only lasts for a few weeks, and after that you will no longer be able to use your Magic Ingredients to buy Magical Lights and earn awesome rewards, so don't waste time!

Traversing the Misty Forest


The Misty Forest is a spooky place, shrouded in thick fog. But fear not, with the Witch's help you can get your hands on Magical Lights that make even the thickest mist vanish.


Your goal is to comb through the forest in search for Friendly Spirits and Lost Items. To do so, you advance from left to right and clear the thick fog that shrouds your view. Whenever at least one fog tile is cleared by a Magical Light in the rightmost column, a new row of misty tiles is unlocked next to it, moving you further to the right. Use Magical Lights strategically to clear out as many tiles as possible and collect all rewards you can find.

Tabs event progressHallo2020.png

Magical Lights

MF20 lights banner.png

There are three types of Magical Lights that will help you advance in the Misty Forest:

  • Candle.png Candles uncover one patch of fog at a time and can only be used on tiles that are still covered in mist.
  • Lantern.png Lanterns clear an entire column from top to bottom, unless their light beam is interrupted by an obstacle. They need to be placed on a tile that was previously uncovered.
  • Flashflask.png Flash Flasks remove the fog on all patches directly adjacent to where it was placed. They also need to be placed on a tile that was previously uncovered.

Additional Magical Lights can be obtained in the Magical Lights Shop that is opened from the event menu. Candles, Lanterns and Flash Flasks can be obtained separately or in bulk, with various different options.


While using Magical Lights and making your way through the forest, you will uncover additional Magical Lights, Lost Items containing various rewards (including Daily Exclusives) and Friendly Spirits that help you unlock the Grand Prizes of the event.

Friendly Spirits

Friendly spirit.png

Sometimes you will uncover Friendly Spirits from the fog. Find and collect 20 of these cute ghosts and you will unlock the next Grand Prize.


HW Tab3.png

Many different items and buildings can be won in the Misty Forest event. Make sure to play regularly to make the most out of all your options!

Evolving Building


A new Evolving Building is available in the Misty Forest Event: the Witch's Hut! Your Witch's Hut can be evolved through 10 stages to increase its power.


The Witch's Hut provides Culture and Population and automatically produces a number of Faineant Frogs over time. As an additional bonus, it also provides the production of Supplies, Goods or Orcs (depending on the Chapter). As it evolves, you will receive higher amounts of these resources and Knowledge Points are added to the production.

For more information on Evolving Buildings, go to our dedicated page on the topic.

Grand Prizes

Each day, you will have a chance to win a Daily Exclusive Prize from Lost Items but, the real goal of this Event, is to win the fantastic Grand Prizes.

Ui icon instantitem evo ui icon res ins evo October XX.png

Grand Prizes include the Witch's Huts Artifacts, which allows you to evolve your Witch's Hut to the next stage. See Evolving Buildings for more information on the evolution process.

But that's not all, as there are more awesome prizes, including Knowledge Points, Ancient Knowledge and Coin Rain Instants, Rune Shards and more.

Daily Prizes & Lost Items


Mrs. Sniffle, the witch, has lost many of her items in the Misty Forest. Recover them and you will automatically get one of the possible contents of a Lost Item, including the exclusive Daily Prizes.


Contents range from Knowledge Points, Rune Shards, Unit Instants and other valuable items to the Daily Exclusive Prize of the respective day. Hovering over a lost item shows you exactly what can be contained within.


After collecting the Daily Exclusive rewards and Grand Prizes, you will find them in your InventoryInventory icon normal.png

Please note: All building values and effects depend on the chapter you are in at the time you add the buildings to your Inventory.