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Elvarian Games

Mainbanner summer2021.png

Hold your (sea)horses! This year your city is hosting the Elvarian Games! In this underwater sports spectacular, seahorses will race through the hoops to be the first to reach the endpoints. While you watch the games, you'll learn more from our mega fan Rufus, a dwarf that is completely obsessed with the Elvarian Games and sits by you in the stands explaining and participating in the events around.


Rufus is a fantastic dwarf. You never saw a dwarf enjoying the Elvarian Games as he did. He will guide you all along with the event and tell you the story of the Elvarian Games.

Quests & Quest Milestones

In this event, you will play a special Quest Line that will guide you through the Elvarian Games. The first part of the Event is a classic story Quest Line, the second part is an episodic Quest Line with a new quest unlocking with every new day passed during the event.

Each Quest will give you Seahorse Food SeahorseFood.png as a reward. The more quests you complete, the closer you get to unlocking quest milestones with additional rewards, including Artifacts of the Triumph of the Tides, the new Evolving Building.

You can see your current progression in the Quest Line and towards the Quest Milestones at the bottom of the Quest window.

ElvarianGames quest progress.png

Additionally, you can get more Seahorse Food through the Daily Reward! Visit your city daily so that you can collect 35 Seahorse Food every day!

Event Menu

Seahorse Food SeahorseFood.png is automatically added to your Event Menu. It allows your Seahorse Jockeys to cross Hoops of Competition and gain rewards. Each Hoop has a different price, and will grant you different rewards including Daily Exclusives Rewards and Medals Medals.png!

Once you click on a Hoop, your Jockey will cross it and will come closer to the finishing line.

Summer21 event.png

By clicking the Event Menu icon, you will access the Event Window which will give you plenty of information and allow you to use your Seahorse Food :

  1. The time left in the Event
  2. The amount of Seahorse Food SeahorseFood.png you have collected and not yet spent
  3. Allows you to buy extra Seahorse Food with Diamonds
  4. Leagues, allows you to see your progress through the Leagues (please check the bottom of the page for more information)
  5. Your Jockey on the race to the finishing line
  6. Three Hoops where you can choose to spend your Seahorse Food
  7. Daily Exclusive reward you can win at the Hoops and the time it is still available
  8. Grand Prize to be won as your Jockey reach the finishing line
  9. Your progress towards the Grand Prize

You can also click the Helpbtto.png button to see additional help information on the Elvarian Games.

Seahorse Food

SeahorseFood21 banner.png

You start the Elvarian Games with 50 Seahorse Food SeahorseFood.png and every quest in the event gives you more when completed. Use it to choose one of three different Hoops for your Jockey and help him to reach the finishing line. Also, from time to time, you will find more Seahorse Food on the outskirts of your city for you to collect. You can also find Seahorse Food as one of many rewards in the Hoops.

SeahorseFood citycollect.png

Additionally, you will receive 35 Seahorse Food if you visit your city each day and collect the Daily Reward !

Hoops of Competition

Hoops21 banner.png

You will have three different Hoops of Competition to choose from. Once you select your desired Hoops of Competition, it will give you a powerful reward, maybe even the current Daily Exclusive prize! For every Hoops of Competition you reach, you will get Medals. When you reach the finishing line, you will unlock the next Grand Prize!

ElvarianGames progress.png

After receiving any buildings, Daily Exclusives and Grand Prizes, you will find them in your InventoryInventory icon normal.png

Please note: All building values and effects depend on the chapter you are in at the time you add the buildings to your Inventory.

Seahorse Jockeys

SeahorseJockeys banner.png

When you use the Seahorse Food SeahorseFood.png in the Hoops of Competition you have chosen, the Seahorse Jockeys begin to move towards the assigned location. This will take you even closer to the awesome Grand Prizes.



Evolving Building

Summer2021 evolvingbanner.png

A new Evolving Building is available with the Elvarian Games: The Triumph of the Tides! This building can be evolved through 10 stages to increase its power.

The Triumph of the Tides

The Triumph of the Tides provides Culture and Population. But, this time, it will be your turn to choose what other products you want to produce! You will be able to choose between: Supplies, Heavy Melee Units, Boosted +0 Sentient Quality 2 Goods, Seeds.

But, right after dropping the building in your city, the building can offer you to produce Supplies or Units. You will have to use Artifacts to evolve the building and unlock other switchable productions.

For more information on Evolving Buildings, go to our dedicated page on the topic.

Grand Prizes & Daily Prizes

Each day, you will have a chance to win a Daily Exclusive Prize but, the real goal of this Event is to win the fantastic Grand Prizes.

Ins evo july xxi.png

Grand Prizes include the Artifact of the Triumph of the Tides, which allows you to evolve your Triumph of the Tides to the next stage. See Evolving Buildings for more information on the evolution process.

But that's not all, as there are more awesome prizes, including Knowledge Points, Ancient Knowledge, Coin Rain Instants, Rune Shards, and more.

After collecting the Daily Exclusive rewards and Grand Prizes, you will find them in your InventoryInventory icon normal.png

Please note: All building values and effects depend on the chapter you are in at the time you add the buildings to your Inventory.
Summer2021 reward panel.png

Expiring Building

In the Elvarian Games event, when you reach the last milestone reward, you will receive an Expiring Building: the Goddess of Wishes grants you a random reward every 12 hours.

GodessofWishes 2x2.png


In this event you will have the chance to participate in Leagues and win even more fantastic prizes! Spending Seahorse Food SeahorseFood.png reaching Hoops not only allows you to progress on the map towards the Grand Prizes but also to progress up through the Leagues.

Leagues Window.png

There are five different Leagues you can reach by reaching the Hoops of Competition: Hobby, Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold League. Each League is limited to a number of players with the required amount of points for that League. If a league is already full, you will move to the next League down but remember, the positions on the Leagues are recalculated every hour so do not give up hope and keep progressing on the event map to be able to progress in the Leagues also!

  • Hobby - All Players
  • Iron - Top 50%
  • Bronze - Top 20%
  • Silver - Top 5%
  • Gold - Top 1%

For the Hobby League, you only need to start playing the event, as for the rest of the Leagues you need to reach Hoops in order to progress through the Leagues. Each Hoop of Competition has a different amount of points that will allow you to progress through the leagues, you can see how many points will be added to your progress directly on the Hoops.

Each League has a minimum amount of points that need to be reached. The League requirements are based on the progress of all players playing the event and it is recalculated every hour, so you might notice some changes on the required points to achieve the next League.

If you hover your mouse over the Leagues icon in the event window, you will be able to see what is your rank and how much further you have to go until you reach the next League.

Leagues tooltip.png

Leagues Prizes

In Leagues, there are even more fantastic prizes to be won such as Expiring Buildings, Event Buildings, Knowledge Points, Royal Restoration, and even an exclusive Portrait that is not available anywhere else in the game!

Portrait evt july xxi.png

Each league has a set of awesome rewards, the higher the league the better the rewards! In order to receive the rewards of the league you desire, you must be in the top ranking of that League.

At the end of the event, you will see a reward window that displays your League position and the prizes you have won.

Leagues reward window.png