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Winter event set

Building Set

A Building Set is composed of a certain number of buildings. Any unique Set Building can only belong to one Building Set. Build them right next to each other to unlock their true potential! The more unique Set Buildings you build next to each other, the higher their bonus will be!

You can win them during Events. For example, the four new Set Buildings that are part of the 2017 Winter Set Event are identified with a Winter Set indicator Winterset1.png . This information is shown in tooltips, when hovering over the new buildings. When at least two Set Buildings touch each other, the Winter Set indicator is highlighted Winterset2.png

Set Bonus

If you put buildings belonging to the same Building Set directly adjacent to each other, you will get certain additional bonuses because these buildings have a "Set" building skill. When a building with a Set Bonus is built right next to another (different) building from that specific set, it gets a bonus.

For example, here is a closer look at the Ice Mountain Troll Set Building:

IceMountainTroll.png IMT 0bonus.png

Ice Mountain Troll comes with the special Set Bonus. When it is adjacent to other buildings belonging to the Winter Event set, it will receive special bonuses. Ice Mountain Troll normally produces only coins, but when it touches other buildings from the Winter Event Set it will:

  1. Produce additional supplies (when touching at least one other unique building).
    IMT 1bonus.PNG
  2. Produce additional coins (when touching at least two unique buildings).
    IMT 2bonus.PNG
  3. Produce additional Knowledge Points (when touching at least three unique buildings).
    IMT 3bonus.PNG

The bonuses add up, so when touching two other buildings, you get bonus for both 1 and 2. Detailed amounts will be shown in tooltips, when hovering over the new buildings.

Set Buildings connection to Main Hall

Any building of a set can serve as a Portal/Connector for the other buildings that are part of the same set. Connect it to the Main Hall with a street and place your Set Buildings adjacent to it. All Set Buildings will then have a street connection.

  • One Set Building needs to be connected to a street.
  • The connected Set Building can serve as a street connector to all adjacent buildings of that set.

Set Buildings connection examples below: