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Carnival Banner2019.png

Have you noticed your residents are getting restless? Halflings are tending the land and planting a new season of crops. Spring is in the air and Elves and Humans are getting excited, Sorcerers are conjuring up all kinds of fireworks and, here and there, an occasional Orc is busy building a large stage. Once you start investigating the source of all this hubbub, it becomes clear what is the cause: Carnival is about to start!

In this new event, you can help your citizens get ready for Carnival and by fulfilling their Quests, earn Candy, which you can use to open Chests. Opening the Chests not only grants you a reward (and a chance on some Daily Exclusive prizes), but will also give you Flags, which you can use to advance towards your next Grand Prize goals. This time, the big Grand Prizes consists of 5 Set Buildings which can be combined into a very nice set indeed, and some expiring buildings with powerful effects.

Carnival Set Buildings

Event Menu

Throughout Carnival you will have two Quest Lines to complete.

The first Quest Line is the sequential Quest, "Carnival Distractions" which will give you many tasks to complete during the Event. The second Quest Line is the Daily Episodic Quest, "Trade Preparations" which will give you a specific task each day. Each quest will give you Candy Carnival19 candy.png as a reward. They are added to your Carnival menu. With Candy you can open different Chests to win unique and precious Event Buildings! The Chests also contain Flags Carnival19 flag.png to unlock mighty Grand Prizes!

Carnival19 event.png

By clicking the Event Menu icon you will access the Event Window which will give you plenty of information and allow you to put the Candy you gathered to use:

Carnival19 explain.png

1 - Shows you the amount of Candy Carnival19 candy.png you have collected and not yet spent.

2 - Allows you to buy Candy with Premium currency.

3 - Carnival Chests where you can spend your Candy to win a reward and obtain Flags Carnival19 flag.png. Shows how much Candy is needed and how many Flags you receive with each Chest.

4 - Here you can see how many Flags you have collected and your progress to unlock the Grand Prizes.

5 - Shows you the Daily Exclusive reward you can get from opening the Chests and for how long it will be available before it is gone.

6 - Grand Prizes to be won by collecting the 20 Flags each.

7 - Carnival Puppets: As you collect Flags, the Puppets begin to walk across the scene following the Flags above them to the Grand Prize.

8 - Indicates the remaining time for the Event.

You can also click the Helpbtto.png button to see the help information on the Carnival Event.


Carnival19 candy2.png

You start the Carnival Event with 50 Candies Carnival19 candy.png and each Event Quest will give you more as a reward for completing the given tasks. Also, from time to time, you will find more Candies around your city for you to collect.

Carnival19 candy3.png

You can then use the Candy to open one of the Chests which, depending on your luck, may also give you another bagful of Candy.

Remember that the Carnival only lasts for a few weeks, and after that you will no longer be able to use your Candy to get awesome rewards, so don't waste time!

Rotating Chests

Carnival19 chest banner.png

There are 3 Chests to choose from! Each one gives you a chance to win the Daily Exclusive reward. Other rewards can be Ancient Knowledge Instants, Coin Rain, Supply Windfall, Time Booster, Portal Profit Enchantments, Rune Shards and even more Candy. It all depends on how lucky you are! By opening the Chests you will also get Flags. Remember: each Chest will offer a different number of Flags for your Candies. So choose carefully.

Once you choose one Chest, they will rotate and present you with a new set of Chests.

Sample Chests

Here are some sample overviews of what you can win and their chances:

Carnival19 sample rewards.png

Collecting Flags

Carnival19 flag banner.png

When you open a Chest, you will win a number of Flags Carnival19 flag.png. Each Chest will immediately give you a specific amount indicated on the top left of the box.

Collecting the Flags allows you to unlock the Grand Prizes! There are 10 individual Grand Prizes available, each requiring 20 Flags to be unlocked. Note: To unlock the next Grand Prize, you will first need to collect the previous one.

Carnival19 sequence.png

After collecting the Grand Prizes, you will find them in your InventoryInventory icon normal.pngunder the Summonings tab.

Please note: All building values and effects depend on the chapter you are in at the time you add the buildings to your Inventory.

Puppets' progress

Carnival19 puppets.png

When you open a Chest and add Flags to the bunting, the Carnival Puppets will begin to move towards your goal of the Grand Prize. This gives you a clear indication of your progress towards the next big reward.


Grand Prizes & Daily Prizes
Carnival19 grand prizes.png

There are 10 individual Grand Prizes to be won, with some repeating after collecting the 10th Grand Prize!

Each day you will have the chance to win a Daily Exclusive prize, including some brand-new Carnival floats, but the main goal is to reach the fantastic Grand Prizes and the Carnival Building Set.

Be sure to complete all the Event Quests so that you can have a chance to win every single one of these wonderful prizes.

Carnival19 reward panel.png
Building Set
Carnival Set

Carnival also adds a new Building Set. Like previous Sets, these are reward buildings which buff each other when they are placed directly next to each other (in a set). This can mean that their regular production goes up, but it can also mean that totally new productions are added once more set buildings are combined!

Collect the following 5 buildings to complete the set: Banquet, Festive Fireworks, Revelers Fountain, Marching Band and Jester Tavern.

Expiring Buildings

Carnival, amongst other special events, brings us exciting Expiring buildings. The Monument of Ancient Knowledge, for instance, gives an Ancient Knowledge 3 Instant every 48 hours and the Trading Outpost gives an exciting Guest Race Goods refill spell!

For more information on all Expiring Buildings, please visit the dedicated page for Expiring Buildings.