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Zodiac2019 banner.png

Humans and Elves have always been fascinated by the star constellations of the autumnal night sky. Generations long gone believed the map laid out in the stars represented secret messages left by the High Men to guide them to an advanced civilization. Tragically, a long time ago, all knowledge on reading the stars was lost.

To this day, Humans and Elves have been working hard to decrypt the secret messages within the constellations once again. And while they’re nowhere near recovering all lost knowledge, one ancient legend has been uncovered already. This legend tells about the arrival of three mighty bears bringing prosperity, wisdom and power once the stars’ alignment leads them to a city.

This year the citizens of Unur may be in luck, as there will be a unique occurrence! For the first time in many centuries, the positioning of stars and planets will be optimal, and the night sky will be completely clear. Will Humans and Elves be able to read the secret messages of the stars correctly, to uncover the mysteries of the powerful bears, and to lead them to their city? Help solve the riddle and be rewarded greatly!

Event Menu

In this event you will play a completely new endless quest line. Each completed quest will give you Golden Keys GoldenKeys.png as rewards. These Keys are automatically added to your Event Menu. With the Keys you will be able to open different Spheres to win unique and precious rewards, including changing Daily Prizes! All Spheres also contain Stardust StarDust.png and you will need Stardust to unlock Grand Prizes by completing the Zodiac Signs.


By clicking the Event Menu icon you will access the Event Window which will give you plenty of information and allow you to put the Golden Keys you gathered to use:

Zodiac explain.png
  1. Indicates the remaining time for the Event.
  2. Shows you the Daily Exclusive reward you can get from opening the Spheres and for how long it will be available before it is gone.
  3. Shows you the amount of Golden Keys GoldenKeys.png you have collected and not yet spent.
  4. Allows you to buy Golden Keys with Diamonds.
  5. Zodiac Signs: As you collect Stardust, you will light up the Zodiac Signs and, once the entire Zodiac Sign is lit, the Grand Prize is unlocked. You can see from the Zodiac Sign how much Stardust is still missing to achieve the reward.
  6. Grand Prizes to be won by collecting 20 Stardust for each.
  7. Spheres for which you can spend your Golden Keys to win a reward and obtain Stardust StarDust.png. Shows how many Golden Keys are needed and how much Stardust you receive with each Sphere.

You can also click the Helpbtto.png button to see the help information on the Autumn Zodiac.

Golden Keys

Zodiac banner golden keys.png

You start the Autunm Zodiac Event with 50 Golden Keys GoldenKeys.png and each Event Quest will give you more as a reward for completing the given tasks. From time to time you will also find more Golden Keys around your city for you to collect.

GoldenKeys city collect.png

You can then use the Golden Keys to open one of the Spheres which, depending on your luck, may also give you more Golden Keys.

Remember that the Autumn Zodiac Event only lasts for a few weeks, and after that you will no longer be able to use your Golden Keys to get awesome rewards, so don't waste time!

Galactic Spheres

Rotating Zodiac Spheres banner.png

You will be presented with 3 different Spheres to choose from! Each one gives you a chance to win the Daily Exclusive reward. Other rewards can be Ancient Knowledge Instants, Coin Rain, Supply Windfall, Time Booster, Portal Profit Instants, Rune Shards and even more Golden Keys. It all depends on how lucky you are! By opening the Spheres you will also get Stardust. Remember: Each Sphere will offer a different amount of Stardust for your Golden Keys, so choose carefully. Once you have opened a Sphere, the remaining Spheres will rotate and present you with a new selection.

Sample Galactic Spheres

Collecting Stardust

Zodiac star dust banner.png

When you unlock a Sphere, you will always win an amount of Stardust StarDust.png. Each Sphere will immediately give you a specific amount indicated in the top left.

Collecting the Stardust allows you to complete the Zodiac Sign and unlock Grand Prizes! Each Zodiac Sign requires 20 Stardust to complete. Once you have collected your Grand Prize, you can begin to collect Stardust for the next Zodiac Sign.

Zodiac sequence.png

After collecting the Daily Exclusive rewards and Grand Prizes, you will find them in your InventoryInventory icon normal.png

Please note: All building values and effects depend on the chapter you are in at the time you add the buildings to your Inventory.

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac sign progress.png

When you open a Sphere, you add Stardust to the Zodiac Sign, lighting up the stars that form the constellation. The Zodiac Sign shows your progress towards the goal of the Grand Prize. This gives you a good indication how much Stardust is still needed until you get the next reward.

There are a several different Zodiac Signs for you to discover, so make sure to collect as much Stardust as possible!


Evolving Buildings

Evo19 zodiac pandabear.png

Three new Evolving Pets are available in the Autumn Zodiac Event! Each bear can be evolved through 10 stages to increase its power. If you want more information about Evolving Buildings, please see our dedicated page.

Brown Bear - Panda Bear - Polar Bear

Each bear provides different resources for your city, including Coins, Vallorian Guards or Crafted Goods Gds2p1.png (depending of your boost). As the bears evolve, they will start producing additional resources, such as Basic Goods, units or Mana and Seeds if you have advanced far enough in your Research. Additionally, each building has a Pet Food boost which, upon activation, triggers a particular effect:

  • Brown Bear - Unit production bonus
  • Polar Bear - Reduce cooldown of Tournament provinces
  • Panda Bear - Adds Marble, Steel and Planks for every Pet Food consumed while the Panda remains fed.

For more information on Evolving Buildings, go to our dedicated page on the topic.

Grand Prizes & Expiring Buildings

Each day, you will have a chance to win a Daily Exclusive Prize but, the real goal of this Event, is to win the fantastic Grand Prizes.

Evo19 zodiac artifact.png

Grand Prizes include the Bear Artifact, which allows you to evolve Bears to the next level. See Evolving Buildings for more information on the evolution process.

Evo19 zodiac grand prizes.png

But that's not all, as there are more awesome Prizes, including several Expiring Buildings that give you special rewards.

Wishing Well

The Wishing Well gives you a random reward every 12 hours, the Carting Library produces Knowledge Points, the Trading Outpost gives an exciting Portal Profit, which refills your capped Guest Race Goods once you have reached Chapter 6, and the Ferris Wheel Galore lets you produce Boosters, Knowledge Points or Broken Shards as you wish.

Zodiac reward panel.png

Pet Food
Pet food.png

Pet Food is a special Enchantment designed specifically to feed your Pet Evolving Buildings. Applied directly to the building from your Enchantments tab, it activates a Pet Food Boost.

Look for the recipe in your Magic Academy's Crafting tab and craft it as your Pets become hungry again after their hard work to provide their boosts.

Pet food crafting.png