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Let us now uncover the magic secret of the Relics ... and maybe even the old Elvenar!

Relics inherit an ancient power which is said to hold the key to the secrets of Elvenar. Their origin and purpose is, to this day, still shrouded in mystery. However, it is known that they can be used to boost the productivity of certain Manufactories, helping you to be more efficient. It’s certain that more mysteries about Relics will be uncovered soon, so keep collecting them!

Relics Overview.png

Collect Relics

As said before, Relics are very important as they will allow you to boost the production of your Bonus Goods. They will allow you to produce more Goods in less time.

You can also use relics to produce spells in the Magic Academy.

To collect Relics you will need to go onto the World Map, scout Provinces and solve Encounters. Or you can win Relics in the weekly tournaments. Those are different each week and you can get one kind of relics each week. Each Province has its own terrain which will allow you to identify the type of Relics that can be collected there.

Hint: You can find the Provinces Overview under the World Map.

Once you scout a Province, you will be able to enter it and see the spots your Scouts have marked. There will be 8 marked spots in each Province, which means you can collect 8 Relics per Province.

Scouted Province.png

In each Province you will have two choices to finish each spot. You can trade goods, supplies and coins to solve an encounter or you can fight.


If you choose to trade the goods, supplies and coins will be taken from your storage and you get the reward indicated on the picture. If you on the other hand choose to fight, a new picture can be seen where you can choose your troops to fight and the enemy troops that are opposing you.


Once you start collecting Relics, the visual information on the Province will update so that you know how many Encounters are missing to complete it. A locked Province means that you still haven't completed one of its bordering Provinces. Once you do, it will automatically be unlocked and you will then be able to scout it.

Relics Collected Prov.png

Hint: By completing province levels in Tournaments you will also get Relics as a reward. In addition, you can find hidden Relics in other player's cities when giving Neighborly Help and you can even boost the number of relics you get for completing provinces by building Ancient Wonders.

Boosted Goods

When you start the game, your placement on the map is assigned randomly. You will also be assigned 3 Boosted Goods, one from each category. These will depend on your location on the map and the 3 provinces around your city. You can also see the your boosted goods listed in your Main Hall.


You will also be able to see which your Bonus Goods are by clicking on the Relic icon Relic Button.png at the bottom of the World Map. If you want to have a quick look at how many Relics you are missing to achieve the next production boost upgrade, you can just hover your mouse over that button to see a tooltip.

Visual boost map.png

Production Boost

You can start collecting Relics right from the start, but to activate a production boost, you will need to unlock its technology in the Research Tree.

Research boost.png

This means you can, for example, start collecting Relics for your Magical Boosted Good (Elixir, Magic Dust or Gems) and when the time comes to produce it, you will already start producing at a boosted level. The more Relics of your Boosted Good you collect, the more your boosts will be upgraded in the Main Hall.

Increase Boost.png

To see how much your Relics are actually influencing your production, click on you manufactories and hover your mouse over the Boosted Good icon. You will then see how much your regular production is and how much your Relics are giving you.

Regular Production Goods.png

Hint:Ancient Wonders will give you the chance to increase your Goods production even more by boosting your Relics!

Relics Boost Overview

Relics Boost Information
Needed Relics Production Boost
1 40%
3 65%
7 86%
10 106%
15 123%
19 140%
25 156%
30 171%
36 186%
42 200%
48 214%
54 228%
61 241%
68 254%
75 266%
82 279%
89 291%
97 303%
104 314%
112 326%
120 337%
128 348%
136 359%
144 370%
152 381%
161 391%
169 402%
178 412%
187 422%
195 433%
204 443%
213 453%
222 462%
232 472%
241 482%
250 491%
259 501%
269 510%
278 520%
288 529%
298 538%
307 547%
317 557%
327 566%
337 575%
347 583%
357 592%
367 601%
377 610%
388 618%
398 627%
408 636%
419 644%
430 653%
441 661%
452 670%
464 678%
476 686%
488 693%
500 700%