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The Ranking

The Ranking is the place where you can compare your progress with other players in this Elvenar.

Ranking user.png

Your personal Ranking score is basically calculated by adding up your Working Population and your Required Culture. This is a good benchmark for the progress of your city. However you can get additional ranking points from other game features. You can just hover your mouse over the Ranking score to see a tooltip providing detailed information about where your points are coming from.

Ranking user tooltip.png

You can also click on any player listed on the Ranking to visit him. If you want to know how other people, with similar or higher scores, construct their cities, use this feature!


Buildings Ranking Points

  • To see how many ranking points you will get by constructing a basic building you need to check how much population it requires as construction does not requires culture or just check the benefits information on the building tooltip.

For example: Building a Human workshop will grant you 15 ranking points!


  • To see how many ranking points you will get by upgrading a building you will have to sum the required population and culture. But if you take a look at the upgrade window you are also shown how many total ranking points that building will provide, after the upgrade.

Hint: Buildings' upgrades will add the provided ranking Points as soon as you start the upgrade. However by deleting a building, the provided ranking points will be removed from your total.

Ancient Wonders Ranking Points

Ancient Wonders also provide ranking points! You will get 1 ranking point per knowledge point used into the Ancient Wonder upgrade research!

For example: Golden Abyss needs 109 research Knowledge Points in order for you to be able to upgrade it to level 2. This means that when you are in a condition to upgrade it and do so, 109 ranking points will be added to your score.


Hint: Ancients Wonders' upgrades will add the corresponding Ranking Points only after the upgrade is finished.

Provinces Ranking Points

You can also get a lot of additional points by solving Encounters in Provinces.

Each Province is considered to be at a certain distance from your city. You will get 1 point per Province Distance, for each solved Encounter.

For example, by solving an Encounter on a Distance 5 Province, either through negotiation or fighting, you will add 5 points to your ranking. (1 encounter X 5 distance)

'Hint:: Don’t forget to scout and collect Relics on the World Map if you want to have a high score in the Rankings.

Tournaments Ranking Points

Tournaments are a good way to win ranking points as well!

Every week a tournament is held in your completed provinces of one type, so every week you will have the chance to win ranking points, as long as your tournament score is enough for you to be in the Top 100 players of the week.