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HUD / Top Bar

In the HUD you have access to the most important features.


Number Name Description
1 Builders Builders are responsible for constructing and upgrading buildings. Click on the green + to unlock more builders.
2 Population This shows your available population.
3 Culture This shows your available Culture.
4 Culture Bonus This shows if you have a Culture Bonus and its possible benefits.
5 Knowledge Points Knowledge Points (KP) are a special kind of currency. They are assembled in this bar. You can acquire them on several occasions and they have many uses.
6 Goods Overview A list of your available Goods.
7 Other Resources Overview A list of your Other Resources, including your present Settlement Resources.
8 Coins Your current amount of Coins.
9 Supplies Your current amount of Supplies.
10 Diamonds Your current available Premium currency. Click on the green + to buy more Diamonds.

Player Profile


Number Name Description
1 Profile Picture Click here to edit your profile avatar and your city name.
2 User Name This is your user name.
3 Ranking This shows your position in the ranking. Click on it to access all rankings.
4 Messages Click here to receive and send in-game messages.
5 Notifications Click here to see notifications about your received Neighborly Help and who has accepted your offers in the Trader.
6 Fellowship Click here to found your own fellowship or to access your fellowship window.
7 News Window Click here to see the latest news including Release Notes, Events, Forum Links and more).


Number Name Description
1 Logout By clicking here you can log out of the game.
2 Zoom This allows you to zoom in and out on your City Map.
3 Full Screen Click here to access full screen mode.
4 Help Shortcut to forum and game support.
5 Music This allows you to turn the background music on and off.
6 Sounds This allows you to turn sound on and off.
7 Advanced Settings Here you can turn off the "Diamonds purchase confirmation", define the city and battle graphic quality, redefine your email and password.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings2.png
Number Name Description
1 Diamond confirmation Click here to receive a hint that you are going to spend diamonds after clicking on a blue button.
2 City graphic quality Can be set to Low, Medium or High:

Low: You can lower the graphical effects in the city with this option in case you experience lag in the city. You will see static buildings in your city.
Medium:Your city's buildings will be animated, the city's grounds will contain decorations and you will be able to see the Ancient Wonders Counterparts.
High: On top of the mentioned above you will also see the citizens walking around the your city.
3 Battle graphic quality Can be set to Low, Medium or High.
4 Email and Password Click here to validate your email or change your password.
5 Movement of your city on the world map Click here to allow automatic movement of your city to a better position on your world map.
6 Atmospheric effects Click here to disable the blue mist and cloud shadows over your city. It may speed up some older computers.

Main Menu

Bottom Menu
Number Name Description
1 Sell Mode Most of your Buildings can be sold. Click here to enable the Sell Mode.
2 Move Mode Clicking the move button and then a building, will attach that building to the mouse cursor. A grid is shown and the building area is highlighted in green if the position is valid for the building and red if not.
3 Buildings Menu Clicking the buildings button in the bottom menu opens the buildings menu. Buildings are sorted into different categories and you can choose them via tabs.
4 Research Menu Click here to enter the Research Menu and research new technologies.
5 World Map Click here to enter the World Map, explore it, collect Relics and visit other players. It will also allow you to enter the tournament provinces.
6 Trader Click here to access the Trader and trade your Goods with other players.
7 Ancient Wonders' Menu Click here to access all Ancient Wonders. By hovering this button you will also see the overview of your Rune Shards.
8 Inventory Here you can access your Enchantments, Instants and any buildings you get from events and special occasions (Summonings).

Shortcut Keys

To speed up some of your actions in Elvenar a few Shortcut Keys are available. Note that the hotkeys won’t work when a text field is in focus.

Shortcut Key Description
Escape Close an open window or disable the Sell or Move mode
C Return to City
W Go to the World Map
B Open the Buildings Menu
R Open the Research Tree
T Open the Trader window
M Open the Message Window
N Open the Notifications window
H Open the Ranking Window
A Open the Ancient Wonders' Menu
F Open the Fellowship Window
I Open the Inventory window
S Open the Relic page in the Main Hall
E Activated the Neighbourly Help
L Open the confirmation field for Logout
Num. 1-8 In a province, start each encounter, (includes a Tournament province, 1-4)
Num. 1-6 In Workshops, start a production. (Where 1 is the shortest production time and 6 is the longest)
Num. 1-5 In Military Buildings, start training. (Where 1 is the left unit and 5 is the right unit)
Num. 1-4 In Magic Academy, start an Enchantment production. (Where 1 is the left Enchantment and 4 is the right)
Num. 1-4 In Manufactories, start a production. (Where 1 is the shortest production time and 4 is the longest)
Arrows You can use the arrow keys to navigate around the World Map
Arrows In windows that have multiple pages, use the Left arrow key to go to the previous page and Right arrow to go to the next page.
Shift+Arrows In windows that have multiple pages, use Shift+Left arrow to go to the first page and Shift+Right arrow to go to the last page.
Tab key In windows that have multiple tabs, use the Tab key to jump to the next tab and Shift+Tab to go to the previous tab.
+ You can use + to zoom in your City view
- You can use - to zoom out your City view