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Amuni Buildings List Overview
Portalsite gr8.png

Temple of the Dunes

Gr8 Monument.png

Portal Monuments

Gr8 production 1.png


Gr8 production 2.png

Trap Maker

Trap Maker

The Trap Maker is one of two Production buildings the Amuni bring to your city. It produces Traps Traps


A Temple full of Grave Goods is virtually begging for Tomb Raiders. These skilled craftsmen prepare them a warm welcome. They produce Traps out of simple supplies and Mana.

TrapMaker prod menu.png

Collecting Productions

You can boost your Trap Maker by upgrading the Temple of the Dunes in order to allow you to produce more in the same amount of time. The required resources for each production will also increase. You will know that there is a bonus to productions if you see a green arrow on the Goods icon.

Gr8 TrapMaker boost.png

While the production is running, you can see its progress through the remaining production time. If you want, you can cancel the production and you will get the input resources back.

Gr8 TrapMaker collect.png

After your production is finished you will need to collect it in order to add it to your Temple of the Dunes (Portal) storage. You will see the an icon on the top of each Trap Maker matching the chosen production. Traps will have a limited storage capacity, meaning you will see a greyed icon for this Good when you reach its maximum capacity.

Gr8 Production2 grey icon.png

If this happens, you can either spend some of this resource in order to have more available space for it or upgrade the Temple of the Dunes to increase its storage capacity.


To be able to build a Trap Maker you need to unlock its technology in the Research Tree. Then you can go to the Buildings menu and build it, as long as you have the required resources. You will also need a certain amount of Prestige Prestige.png. The Temple of the Dunes will provide Prestige.

Note: The Trap Maker needs a direct connection to a City Workshop.

It can be sold, rebuilt and upgraded.


Upgrading a Trap Maker to the next level will increase:

  1. The amount of produced Goods per time. So, the production will be more efficient!
Gr8 TrapMaker upgrade.png

Trap Maker Overview

Trap Maker Information
Level Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Prestige Supplies Boosted Sentient Good +1 Boosted Sentient Good +2 Mana Traps /15m
1 5x5 13:36h 110 95.000 720 1.080 116.000 19
2 5x5 16:28h 120 115.000 870 1.300 127.000 28
3 5x5 19:20h 130 136.000 1.020 1.530 137.000 38
4 5x5 22:12h 140 156.000 1.170 1.760 148.000 47

Building Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Gr8 Production2 1.png
Gr8 Production2 2.png
Gr8 Production2 3.png
Gr8 Production2 4.png
Press on each building level to see a bigger image.