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Elvenar Chapters

Elvenar is divided into chapters which tell you the story about this wonderful new world! Through them you will get to know your chosen race better and will be able to get in contact with lost races from the old world. Each chapter has also some hints regarding the past and the old ways of doing magic. As soon as you finish the research of the advanced scouts at the beginning of each chapter, you have finally reached that new chapter.

Research Menu

You can access the Research menu through the Main menu.

Menu bottom.PNG

It is filled with different types of technologies. They can unlock upgrades for existing buildings, completely new buildings, new units for the Barracks, additional expansions, increase your squad size, or unlock a production boost. You will also find some technologies that will give you access to spells, tournaments and many exciting features!

This is the main way to measure your progress in Elvenar. These technologies are linked together and many build upon each other, but you still have some freedom to choose in which order you research them.

Tech Tree Research.png

Research Technologies

To be able to research a technology, you first need to unlock all the technologies that lead directly to it. You will then research the technology by filling the knowledge bar with Knowledge Points (KP) and unlock it with Coins and/or supplies and/or Goods.

Knowledge Points (KP) generate automatically over time. But they can also be gained by solving provinces or completing Tournament levels. You can even get them as a reward from investing in other players' Ancient Wonders or as a daily reward for providing Neighborly Help. If you wish, you can alternatively buy them with Premium, Coins or Goods.


If the goods value is shown in red, it means you do not have enough of them to buy KP.

Unlocking Technologies

You can fill the KP tech bar partially (smallest amount is 1), until the demanded amount is reached. In contrast to this, the resources for unlocking technologies cannot be partially paid. Only when all the required resources are available, will you be in a position to activate it.


On the other hand, If you have finished researching the technology but you are missing some resources, you can use Premium to buy them instantly. This, will also automatically unlock the technology.

Unlock Teck.png

Note: The Premium used to unlock the technologies will take into account all resources you still have in your storages. This means that if you still have Coins, Supplies or Goods, it will use them first (emptying your storage for those), and then use diamonds to compensate the missing ones.

Superior Barracks.png

Hint: Researching certain technologies will alter your city's image on the World Map

Chapter Goals

At the beginning of each chapter you will be presented with a challenge : you will need to have completed a certain amount of provinces before you can research each advanced scouts technology.


After that you can progress in the research tree, and you will be awarded with some magic elements that you can immediately use in your city.

Hint: Any provinces already scouted before you finish the research on the Advanced Scouts Technologies will not be affected by the benefits you get from this research.