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Amuni Buildings List Overview
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Temple of the Dunes

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Portal Monuments

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Trap Maker

Portal Monuments


To boost the amount of Prestige the Temple of the Dunes will offer, you can erect several additional buildings called Portal Monuments.

Each Building can be built a set amount of times.


You can only build the Portal Monuments after researching the respective technologies. As always you will need the proper resources to unlock the technologies in the research tree. The Portal Monuments need a direct connection to the Temple of the Dunes to provide their respective effects. They can be sold and rebuilt. They cannot be upgraded.

Portal Monuments Overview

Portal Monuments Information
Monument Requirements Costs Benefits
Level Size Construction Time Amount Coins Supplies Boosted Sentient Goods2 Grave Goods Traps Culture Prestige Boost
Pillars of the Temple 4x2 4:32 h 4 780.000 82.000 3.625 - - 430 8 %
Palm Garden 3x3 7:19 h 3 1.260.000 132.000 3.500 16.200 2.500 490 8 %
Temple of Veneration 5x5 25:00 h 1 4.400.000 460.000 12.200 78.000 12.200 1.360 24 %
Temple of Sustainability 5x5 29:00 h 1 5.100.000 530.000 14.100 117.000 18.300 1,360 20 %