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Goods-producing Streets

Goods-producing Streets are auto production buildings that need to have a street connection with Main Hall, while they also function as a connection between your city and the guest race.

Wisdom Square

Sorcerers & Dragons: The Wisdom Square attracts apprentices Gr5 apprentices.png to the Campus based on the amount of faculties that you have. Just like other auto production buildings, you can early collect the apprentices from the Wisdom Square. These faculties are: the Arcane Faculty, the Alchemy Faculty and the Necromancy Faculty.

Increasing Production

You start with the attraction of 6 apprentices in 24 hours if you have no faculties. After those first 6 the amount of apprentices you attract is based on the combined level of your faculties multiplied by 6 + the base 6. For example if you have 2 faculties at level 1 and another faculty at level 2, The combined level of your faculties will be 4 (1+1+2). Multiply 4 by 6 and you get 24, add the base 6 and you attract 30 apprentices per 24 hours.

Wisdom Square Overview
Wisdom Square Information
Building Requirements Costs
Size Construction Time Coins Supplies Additional Goods
Wisdom Square 6X2 12h55m 1.710.000 120.000 6.100 Crystal 2.000Scrolls 4.000Silk

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Elemental Canals


The Canals are self-production buildings that allow the connection between the Portal of the Elements and the buildings of this Guest Race.

The Elemental Canals produce Minerals Minerals automatically. Just like other auto production buildings, you can early collect the Minerals from the Canals. Minerals are needed to build and/or upgrade the Elemental buildings like the Portal and the four different Manifestations

There are two kinds of Elemental Canals with different directions: the North-South Canal and the East-West Canal. You will have to decide, which ones to build as you cannot turn them.


To get the Elementals Canals you need to unlock its technology in the Research Tree and build it via the Buildings menu, as long as you have the required resources. At least one Canal needs to be connected directly to the Portal of the Elements, then you can connect them to each other, it can be sold and rebuilt.

Increasing Production

By upgrading the Portal you will get a production boost that will also be effective for the Canals production.


Elemental Canals Overview
Elemental Canal Information
Building Requirements Costs Benefits
Size Construction Time Coins Supplies Sentient Goods Culture Minerals
East-West-Canal 2x6 10h 4.700.000 330.000 Moonstone 2.000
Platinum 2.000
Elven Tree Gum 2.000
1160 600 (60/h)
North-South-Canal 6x2 10h 4.700.000 330.000 Moonstone 2.000
Platinum 2.000
Elven Tree Gum 2.000
1160 600 (60/h)

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