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Fellowship Adventures

FellowshipAdventures Banner01.png

Fellowship Adventures is a Multiplayer Event in Elvenar. Together with your Fellowship you work towards common goals. Reaching them will benefit the whole Fellowship and in the end the Fellowships that perform the best, will even get additional rewards based on their position.

If you leave your Fellowship during an adventure, you will not get the Rewards, though your contribution to the actual map will still benefit the Fellowship.

A new Fellowship Adventure will run, on a regular basis, for about a week.

You can get detailed explanations about the Fellowship Adventures by clicking the Fellowship Adventure Banner

Hint: if you leave or join a Fellowship during a Fellowship Adventure round, you'll lose your progress and will not be able to receive rewards.

Starting Fellowship Adventures

If you're a member of a Fellowship and a Fellowship Adventure is running, you will see a banner when you're in your city:

FA banner.png

Clicking on this banner, will open the Fellowship Adventures map of the first stage:

FA Stagemap.png

Fellowship Adventures Overview

  • Each Fellowship adventures will be composed of 3 difficulty stages and you will get a different map for each stage.
  • Each map contains several Waypoints, organised in 3 different colored paths (blue, orange, green).
  • Waypoints which are still locked, still can be clicked on to foresee the upcoming requirements and ranking points granted
  • Each path contains several Waypoints (blue FA Bluewaypoint.png , orange FA orangewaypoint.png , green FA greenwaypoints.png ), each with its own requirements to get past it. To unlock a Waypoint, you have to supply the required Adventure Items which are obtainable as quest rewards. All Fellowship members can contribute to these requirements and once they are met, they will open the way to the next Waypoint.
  • Some strategical Waypoints FA strategicwaypoint.png , like you can see above, will offer you 3 different paths to choose from in order to reach the end goal. For example, you can choose to do the blue Waypoints to start with and then change for the orange Waypoints after the strategical Waypoint is unlocked. Discuss with your Fellowship and choose wisely based on your game style.
  • There are 10 different repeatable quests to allow you to gain 10 different Adventure Items (badges and specific items). Some quests require production in a workshop while others require production in basic goods manufactories (marble, steel or planks).
  • Requirements and Waypoints path will differ for each of the 3 stages of the adventure
  • Difficulty level increases as you proceed from one stage to another.
  • At the end of each stage there is a reward, visualized by a big treasure chest :
FA Chests.png

Unlocking that reward will grant a very nice reward to all Fellowship Members who have contributed something to that stage of the Fellowship Adventures. Also: Picking up that reward will automatically let you (and your Fellowship) move on to the next stage. Therefore, only members with the rank of Ambassador or higher will be able to unlock that next Waypoint. It's a decision that should be taken carefully, because it also means you won't be able to get any more Fellowship Adventures Ranking points for Waypoints that haven't been cleared in this stage.

Fellowship Adventures Ranking points

This is also a new mechanic that will come with the Fellowship Adventures. These ranking points are temporary, which means that they only count to decide your Fellowships place in this Adventure. After this Fellowship Adventure, the rewards will be handed to the top Fellowships - The Adventure Ranking Points will be put back to 0 and that's where everybody will start from in the next Fellowship Adventure. So each Adventure, every Fellowship has the same possibilities from the start again. Depending on the Fellowships position at the end of the Adventure, some permanent Fellowship Ranking points will also be added.

FA Ranking.png

After a Fellowship Adventure is finished, you can see the Fellowship Adventure ranking points obtained during the last adventure in the ranking menu adventure tab.


Adventure Items

Adventure Items are a new event resource which will be needed for the reoccuring Fellowship Adventures. They have no further function than to be used to complete certain Waypoints and they are obtained from doing certain activities in the game. For example: Producing X number of beverages will give you a Dwarven Brewery Badge (Adventure Item) and producing X number of bread will give you a Bakers Guild Badge (Adventure Item). This means it will really come down to the activity of all the Fellowship members to be able to complete all the Waypoints and make your way to the top. You can see your current amounts of Adventure Items by hovering over the Fellowship Adventures icon on the top of your screen when you're in the Fellowship Adventures map (and also on the right of the Fellowship Adventure game banner in your city). Be sure to use your Adventure Items at the end of each Adventure else they'll be lost. They will not be held for further Adventures.

FA adventure items tooltip.png

Here is a list of Adventure Items and their requirements:

Adventure Items Information
Badge Icon Badge Name Requirements
FA Brewery.png Dwarven Brewery
50 x Beverages
FA Treant.png Treant Guild
35 x Simple Tools
FABakers.png Bakers Guild
20 x Bread
FA Carpenters.png Carpenters Guild
10 x Advanced Tools
FA Farmers.png Farmers Guild
5 x Basket of Groceries
FA Blacksmith.png Blacksmith Guild
5 x Toolbox
FA Flacon.png Luxurious Flacon 1 x Marble Mosaic
1 x Precious Ring
1 x Wooden Figurines
FA Bracelet.png Golden Bracelet 1 x Decorative Pillars
1 x Warrior Mask
1 x Wooden Chest
FA Necklace.png Diamond Necklace 1 x Admirable Altar
1 x Giant Globe
1 x Luxury Armchair
FA Statue.png Elegant Statue 1 x Fabulous Fountain
1 x Elegant Furnace
1 x Royal Bed
FA Wand.png Wand Gain 1 Magical Manufacturing Enchantment and gain 100 Planks
FA Potion.png Magic Potion Gain 1 Ensorcelled Endowment Enchantment and gain 100 Elixir
FA Hat.png Witch Hat Gain 1 Power of Provision Enchantment and gain 100 Silk
FA Wonder.png Wonder Society
Invest 10 Knowledge Points into any kind of Ancient Wonder
FA Guard.png Elvarian Guard
Recruit a mighty amount of units (3x your Squad size)
FA Sack.png Sack of Coins Gain a good amount of coins (based on your current chapter)


Some Fellowship Adventures will come with their own specific questlines as well. Please do keep in mind that this will not be the case for all occurrences of the Fellowship Adventure. Each adventure will be different: Different requirements, different rewards, different setup!

Bottomless Pit

For the really active Fellowships, we also bring the "Bottomless Pit". It will be activated when the last reward is collected in the last stage of the Adventure and it will look like this:

FA bottomlesspit.png

Infinite reoccurring Bottomless Pits will be spawned by the game one after another, each with their own pay-in requirements.

Hint: Active Fellowships can use these to obtain extra Fellowship Adventure ranking points - making them end up higher in the ranking for that adventure and therefore getting them more valuable end rewards.

Fellowship Adventure Trophy Buildings

These are special buildings, rewards for achieving a top ten place in the Adventure. There are Trophies for first, second and third place. plus a building for fourth to tenth.

Adventure Trophies
Position Building Size Benefits
1st Place
Glorious Arch of Triumph
2x3 Population and Culture
2nd Place
Magnificent Triumphal Column
2x2 Population and Culture
3rd Place
Great Monument of Prosperity
2x2 Population and Culture
4th-10th Place
Memorial of Heroes
2x2 Population and Culture
Click on a building to see a bigger image