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Challenges Overview

Challenges are Mini Event game features that will occur from time to time. Usually lasting 3 days, they will ask you to perform certain tasks such as complete Workshop Productions, Goods Productions or use Enchantments.

Challenges Main.png

Challenge Window

Challenges Event.png

Click the Event Icon to open the Challenge Window:

Challenges explain.png
  1. Medals Progress Bar and Milestones Medal Points required
  2. Next Milestone Reward
  3. Final Challenge Reward
  4. Challenge Time Remaining
  5. Challenges to attempt and Medals attained. (Hover over each Challenge Icon to show the Tooltip detail.)
Collect Advanced Tools - 18 Medals

Earning Medals

Challenges Event.png

If you hover over the symbol Information icon.png, you can see how many Medals are earned for each task performed. Follow these instructions to earn all Medals needed to reach the next Milestone.

Tooltip challenges.png


After certain Milestones have been reached, you will receive the rewards displayed above the progress bar.

Progress bar.png

Rewards challenges.png

Fill the entire bar and you will have mastered all Challenges and be presented with the final reward.